Seven long years I knew this boy. And I still didn’t know him enough. There was always something new I discovered about him. Always.
I remember the day when we went on a drive for the first time. He had promised to drive like the men from the movies. As fast as a rocket. I was excited and how!
But, curse the traffic, he couldn’t drive as crazy as he had promised to.
He knew how to drive me crazy though.
He has always been doing that.

The day before we were going to get married, he had told me
“This is not going to make a difference to both of us. We are just getting upgraded.”
He has always been technical.

And our wedding day.
My heart was more heavy than my jewellery.

It was more than a dream I would say. I don’t know to what extent movies have been influencing me, but everything seemed immensely magical.

We were getting married. We.

After the seven pheras, when he looked at me and smiled, I could still see the same boy I fell in love with 7 years ago.
The way his eyes were looking at me, I was getting assured. Assured about every single promise he has made.

My mind was making a blurry montage. Of every single day I had spent with him. Every single day.
The good days, the bad days. The our days.
I remember the only reason I stopped myself from crying was the make up. I didn’t want to look stupid in my wedding photographs. So.

We had not uttered a single word to each other till the end. There was some kind of silence between both of us. A beautiful silence I had never felt before.

After the whole ceremony got over, and when we were heading home, in the car, we were still quiet.

I had so much to say to him. But, it felt like he had already heard me.
Maybe we were fully absorbed in the happiness of our dream.
And then, he whispered,

I ruined my make up.



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