Another chance.

After that extremely awkward date, when we were done paying the bill, we stood up to leave.
I was not satisfied because I thought he wasn’t really impressed.
We spoke little while eating. Smiled awkwardly. There were long pauses in between.
When we were walking towards his car, we weren’t even talking. 
He had his hands in his pockets and was looking at the other side. 
It was obvious he didn’t want to see me after this.
When we reached his car, we both silently got in. Some good music on the radio managed to evaporate the awkwardness for sometime. I wanted to ask him if we’ll meet again. But, I didn’t. 
When we reached my house, he said,
“It was nice meeting you.”
“Same here” I said. I smiled and got out of the car. My heart cringed.
That was the end, I thought. I wanted to look back at him, run towards his car and ask him to see me again. 
I was hopelessly walking towards my house, when he honked. I looked back.
“Friday night, another chance?” 
I smiled.

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