I still remember when I saw her for the first time. She walked into the class, smiling. She smiled at everyone who she made an eye contact with.
I had never seen someone so beautiful before. Not in movies, not in magazines. Nowhere.
She looked like art. 
I was looking at her until she found a place to sit. She turned around and looked towards me. She smiled. 
I didn’t even know her, but that very moment when she saw me, I thought I was wrong. 

She hardly spoke to anyone in class. Only smiled. It seemed like she was happily consumed in her own solitude.
She always used to read a book or daydream. Saunter around the campus looking at people around. 
I was in love with her. 
She was unlike other girls. She was distinct.

I remember seeing her in the canteen one day. She was sitting alone, to herself. Having a cup of coffee. She was writing something in a book. 
I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her face. 
Maybe, she knew I was staring. Maybe, she did know I was there. 
I stood at a distance, enough to catch a glimpse of her. I stood there for a while, until she looked at me.
She smiled and waved. 
I was so mesmerized that I did not wave back but gave her an awkward smile.

Damn. She must be thinking that I am a creep. 

I didn’t see her for days after that. In the beginning, I thought, she must be sick, or must have got her class changed. I used to peep into other classrooms to see if she was there. She was nowhere. I used to check in the library, the canteen, the entire campus.

She was nowhere. Nowhere.

I didn’t even know her name.
How could I let her go? How could I make such a blunder? How could I be so stupid?
I asked few of my classmates if they knew her name. Surprisingly, none of them did. 

A week later, I was in the canteen, holding a plate with both the hands. I had lost my id card. 
I didn’t know what I was searching for.
A place to sit, my lost id card or her.

I guess it was her. I was searching for her.
I looked at the place where I saw her sitting that day. She wasn’t there. 
Suddenly, someone snapped fingers infront of my eyes.

“What are you searching for?” 

The answer itself was asking the question.


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