You are always thinking of being somewhere. Not in a club, but on a massive grey rock. You want to watch an open sky without wearing a Ray-ban. You want to feel the warm golden rays kissing your cheek without worrying about a tan. You don’t mind wearing the same pair of jeans for three nights or sleeping in a car that’s too small to accomodate you. You don’t mind getting a bruise on your knee but you want to jump over that fence and enter that small house with fancy windows. You want to walk till your legs hurt but reach that colossal cliff. You don’t worry about ugly nails but crave to have your hands in the sea searching for beautfiful shells. You don’t care about telling that stranger about your childhood trip and how your best friend fell asleep while talking to you last night.
You don’t feel bad about missing out on the latest movie but get excited on watching a rainbow being formed in a puddle of water. You don’t think it’s stupid to not know what’s trending in the market but feel extremely bad when someone doesn’t know how it feels to have a butterfly sitting on their shoulder. You worry a little about having a bad hair day but love to feel that strong breeze tickling your face. You know you want to spend a life being a wanderer and the fact that luxury and expensive things can hardly please you. All you care about is escaping and having your soul fed. You want to die while escaping to every place that craves for a wanderer, just like you.



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