Love her.

“She doesn’t need an approval. She doesn’t need to ask you for herself. She is so sure that she is something so good that she hardly will doubt herself. Oh her dreams, they are so monumental for you to fit into your eyes. Oh, her eyes, they could take you into an another world where she lives with her imagination.
Take your time to know her more. Take your time to understand why she’s so dreamy. Maybe, you’ll take a lot of time to understand her dreams. Don’t judge her. No one decides for her. She is what she wants to be. She is happy with it. Dare you raise a finger, you’ll see, how she breaks the judgement on your finger. She will make you believe in what she does. She is magic. She has the wings to fly off to the land of her desires. She can do it if she wants. Don’t you think she is incapable of pursuing her dreams! She is fire. She can burn all your judgments to ashes.
She knows what she is talking about, she knows how to make people shut up. She could be sweet some day but don’t you mistake her to be a delicate doll. She is not. There is rage inside her. She could be a complete nightmare if you ask for it.
She doesn’t want your compliments. She likes it but doesn’t totally rely on them. She is free. She is wild and smart enough to make her own decisions. She wants to make her own identity in this world of chaos. Let her do it. She can do it.  You know that too. 
 She respects you and your dreams. She doesn’t demand an honour but wants you to consider her equally. She doesn’t want to take away your happiness. No, never. In fact, she wants to live happily together. She can be home. She can be life. Give her a chance, she won’t disappoint. But, don’t play with her yearnings. She will not take it. Don’t take away hope from her. It helps her to live.
But most importantly, love her, because she breathes your love. Love her beyond limits and you’ll find a new world, altogether. 
My sister is a girl. She is a woman. She is a human. She is what she is. She is stronger than you think she is.  She is everything, you cannot imagine her to be. Help her to rise, let her grow.“

A sister’s letter to her sister’s to-be husband.

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