I was cleaning my cupboard and drawers. I was throwing away the things I didn’t find important anymore. And surprisingly, there were plenty of them.  Things that held a lot of importance in my life at some point of time, were now completely insignificant.
 I was ruthlessly making paperballs of memories and aiming them into the bin. For a moment, I was feeling so heartless.
But then, you have to let go of few things, eventually.

And then I found a piece of paper. A letter.
I know, someday, after years pass by, you are not going to remember me. You don’t even remember what happened in class yesterday.
So, I know, I seriously KNOW, that you are going to forget that I even existed in your life.
I happily forgive you for that. You are welcome.
It has JUST been a year since we know each other and surprisingly (at least for me) I found my soulmate in you. Not that I love you or something, and
not that I think I can’t live without you, but I don’t think I can actually find someone as annoying and wonderful as you.  This letter (or note) is my
way of saying – thank you. I also know that you probably won’t realize how much I mean this, but still, I am writing this, because I can’t say it to you.
I would cry. You would laugh. Any which ways, it would be difficult.
I want you to know that it is not really necessary to be with someone for a long period of time to be REALLY important to them.
I mean, I had a dog when I was 5. He died after six months. I still cry when I think of him. I miss him.
I am just saying that though you have been with me for a short span of time, I am going to cherish the memories we have had for my life. I can’t really imagine not getting to see you after you finish reading this. You will be in an another country by the time you find and read this.
 Maybe, if this letter continues to stay around, I hope you will at least try to remember my name when you read it.
SO yeah, whatever, I don’t plan to bore you, and I doubt you will finish reading this in a go, so I give you your entire life to read it. Take your time, nut.
Deliberately not putting my name at the end of this and HOPING you check the pocket of this jeans before throwing it into the machine boasting your aiming skills.
With love,

P.S: I loved my dog so much. I wish he stayed with me for a longer time.”

This won’t be another paperball in the bin. This definitely will NEVER be a paperball.


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