The Today’s Special.

 I had always imagined how it would be to fall in love, how it would be to long for that one person. I had always imagined it to be strange and beautiful.
Surprisingly, it was exactly like that.

A new bakery had opened near my house. Freshly baked muffins, cakes, biscuits were a hit there.
Muffins and cakes never appealed to me, but I thought of going to the place because of its instant popularity.
I saw her there for the first time. She worked in the bakery. It was her dad’s. The moment I saw her I understood why ‘Rico’s’ was so popular. I had never seen someone so charming. She had tied her hair up and was wearing a light pink lipstick.

I stood in the line and waited for my turn. I noticed how she was talking to people. How she smiled at everyone before taking their order. She merrily said “Have a nice day! Hope to see you soon” to everyone. The aura around her made me feel that she was a celebration. And boy, she was, indeed.

When I was about to reach the counter, she got a call and uncle Rico stood at the counter.

“How you want me to make your day today? Sweet, warm and nice?” Uncle Rico laughed.

I smiled, nodded.

“So, what will you like to have young man?” he asked.
I didn’t know what to order, so I simply looked at ‘Today’s Special’ board and pointed at it.

“Strawberry cream cheese bread and quick cinnamon rolls, sir.”I said.

“My daughter’s favourite is today’s special. She will be very happy with your order. Let her serve you,” he smiled and called her from the kitchen.
She came wiping her hands with a napkin and looked at me and smiled.
I smiled back.

She served me the bread and rolls and told me to have a seat.

“Have a nice day favourite customer!” she yelled at me while I was approaching a seat.

I turned back and she smiled again.

God, favourite customer. Why would she do that to me, I wondered.

I was eating the rolls and the bread, and they were beyond delicious. Baked magic. Totally.
After a few minutes, when I actually forgot how I was not a ‘fan’ of baked stuff and got totally mesmerized, she came towards my seat  and said,
“Dad and I had a bet. The items mentioned under ‘Today’s Special’ are actually my recipes. I basically am the creator.” She giggled. “He said if someone ever orders for Today’s Special, and they give me a good feedback, he’ll let me go to France for culinary training” she said.

“That’s amazing. These are the best rolls and cream cheese breads, I have ever had.”

“I am glad you liked them. If you fill this feedback form, and rate ‘Today’s Special’ a 5 on 5, I will win the bet and fly to France soon” She seemed extremely excited and she couldn’t stop smiling.

I didn’t think much, quickly filled the feedback form, rated ‘Today’s Special’ a 5 on 5 and wrote my heart in the comment area.

I could sense her happiness while I filled the form. When I wrote my name and number, she quickly said “I’ll text you sometime.” She stood up.

“Hey, what’s your name?” I asked.


The very next day, I went to Rico’s again and without thinking much, I ordered the ‘Today’s Special’. Iris happily served me and gave me free chocolates too. While she was serving me, uncle Rico smiled at me and said, “So, you’re the favourite customer Iris was telling me about.”
Iris giggled.

So, for about two weeks, I went to Rico’s everyday and ordered ‘Today’s Special.’ I even suggested the place to my friends and family. I hated raisins, but once I ordered raisin muffins because, Iris.

One night, she texted me,

“Hi ‘favourite customer.’ A friend of yours told me about your love for coffee and walnuts and dislike for raisins. I wonder why you still ordered and ate the muffins. I’ll always remember your sweet gesture. Also, those ‘morning glory muffins’ lacked glory, I mean, sugar. You rated them a 5 anyway.
Thank you so much.
Iris Rico.”

The next day, when I went to the bakery, I got to know that Iris had left the city. I was upset, but  happy for Iris because she was going to do what she wanted.
The place suddenly seemed to lack the zest, the gusto. I missed her. Waiting in the line seemed pointless. I was thinking about her and then my eyes fell on the ‘Today’s Special’ board.

It read,

“Noah’s Coffee cream and walnut cupcakes.
Have great day customers! Don’t forget to smile today.”

She named a recipe after me.

Iris. She knew the way to my heart.

(I don’t own the rights of the image. It is used only for representational purposes)



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