Endless list.

A random cafe
somewhere far away
a new city
a new place, on a Tuesdsay
Few years from now
I want to be there
sipping in hot coffee
looking at the street’s affair
new faces & a different society
people walking and
going somewhere,
always going somewhere
 I want a book in my hand,
my favourite book probably
and few flowers in my bag too
orchids, lilies or roses possibly
I want to be sitting there
thinking about nothing
but just watching, watching the world.
I want to walk on a street
with trees on both the sides
I want to see Autumn
the beautiful weather change
How falling leaves look like
Red, yellow and orange
I want to see sunshine
falling on a pond nearby
Kids playing in the park
Under the beautiful sky
Kids on a merry go round
Running here and there,
Giggling and falling
Like they really dont care
I want to see rain
A heavy rain I suppose
I want to see people
under colorful umbrellas,
still drenched clothes
I want to see snow
white and cold,
Like ice cream
a snow man I want to mould.
I want to taste snow flakes
Falling down from the sky
I want to take a random cab
and watch the shops passing by
Want to visit all the markets
to buy irrelevant little things
and stuff them into my pockets
inspite of having many slings
I want to talk to a random old lady
sitting on a bench
 know her perspective
towards life and learn french
I want to watch a man
playing a guitar
people clapping around him
like he is some film star
I want to see an art exhibition
happening on a street
people appreciating art
being nice and sweet
I want to know something
I have never known before
I want to eat fruits of different kinds
berries, apples and more
I want to inhale air
which has never gone inside me
I want to know how the world is
on the other side of the sea
I want to be a traveller
Not a tourist
I want to dream, wonder and explore
Endless is the list.



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