Imagine Infinities.

They say, 
eventually everything comes to an end.
Everything gets over.
Maybe, they are right.
We are all going to cease to exist.
I don’t know how to disagree.
Though I really want to
I persist.
But, what about the love we have always had
what about the endless memories we share
where would they go
will they just vanish away from this world
like it never happened
I know we have dreams
dreams made up of so much hope
that ties us to this life
that ties us to this living
Oh so beautiful this world is
why they say it’s going to end
End and
fall into so many pieces
I want to disagree
I want to change this very fact of the universe
Of going to the end from the beginning
I hope this could go reverse.
I want this to stay.
For this universe to consist
Million dreams and million lives
I will always persist.
Imagine no end.
Imagine continuity.
Imagine forever.
Imagine infinities.

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