I sit down, take a deep breath
think about the entire day in a moment
I smile, blush sitting there alone,
wondering what if anybody saw me like that.
I look at my palms, 
smell them
they still make me feel with you,
I blush again,
I shut my eyes and imagine you besides me,
and oh now they start dancing, 
the butterflies in my tummy.
Your eyes, they are home.
You don’t speak much, but they do
Twinkling, they tell me a lot more about you
than you, yourself.
I would look at you forever, 
forget about the reality
what a world it is, with you
dreamy, dreamy and dreamy.
Take me inside you, hold my soul
I don’t want to have a day
without you, I want you full, I want you whole.
Come, hold my hand,
tell me what you feel, tell me what you gain
make me lose my conscience
again and again and again.
I have written your name,
million times now,
it’s inside my system, it lives there somehow
when you touch me, every cell knows it’s you
because never do they feel so deeply,
never they feel so new.



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