Wonder how it would be,
if clouds were in grass
and moon would be like a ball I could pick,
if the lakes were in the sky
if the sun shone underneath;
Birds would fly with me maybe
The rain would travel up
would apples jump or drop by?
I imagine waves in the sky
white clouds passing by
What a world it would be,
the nights would be dark,
or bright mornings do you see?
A world where stars are twinkling in the grass,
like little flowers that shine at night in glee.
Would there be flowers in the sky then?
Or no flowers at all and just one big tree?
Do you see mountains?
I see them at a height,Ā 
far away from my reach
standing strong with all their might
but moving away slowly.
Would we walk or would we float
How would we travel?
In a plane or maybe in a small little boat.
Would there be gravity at all
To pull you towards the surface
And the most important of all, time
What would be it’s pace honestly?
Wonder how it would be
Imagine beyond the possibility
A world upside down
A world not like the ordinary.


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