Endless Happiness.

This is written by a friend (me) for a friend (you) with love.

Dear YOU,
I love to make you happy. I try all the possible ways to do so, and I am sure, most of the times, I get it done (confidence is just oozing out, ooh la la). 
I have told you a million times. And again – 
Life has magnificiently changed because of your presence around me. God is kind, as I say. And I truly believe in what I say. God really IS kind.
Friends like you are so hard to find.
I am not exaggerating. I never like to exaggerate. I am just telling you this honestly because you should know.
You have made me into something really beautiful. You have changed me in and out, and this change is amazing. 
I know I speak a lot to you, and sometimes I blabber everything you already know but what a fool I will be if I don’t let you know the most important thing. 
The thing that, you are my life changer.
My saviour.
You came along, you changed me.
I, sometimes, just wonder how happy God must be with me, that he is giving me such a feeling to thrive on. Feeling of being appreciated, of being motivated every now and then, of feeling so special, of feeling more important than the stars.
There is some kind of brilliance in you. Rare. You are distinct to me from the rest.
I know how I feel when I see you. And probably I will never be able to tell you that. Well, some things, some feelings are so beautiful, that even skillful writers won’t be able to describe.
You are not just another friend. You are like my favourite character of my favourite book. Favourite. It’s almost unimaginable to pass a day without thinking or talking about/to you.
I really really adore you. You are indeed my endless happiness. I can’t underestimate you. NEVER. Your power of making me a better person. Your capability of making me shine. 
You know life is mean sometimes. We all get busy and tied up with our daily routine and work, we fail to look around and realize what we possess, what are we blessed with.
Life is going to be mean to me and you, almost everyone, some day, and probably it won’t leave us with that moment of looking around and realizing the greatness of Lord. We might reach a stage after which everything might look difficult. But, stay. It’s all going to be worth.
I promise. I promise that I will never forget what you have done for me. I am grateful, and I will always be. I know there are a lot of things which are going to come across as hurdles between you and me. And I hope, we overcome each hurdle with pride and grace. 
I hope we forget our tiny mistakes and remember all the celebrated moments spent together. Life is a roller coaster ride. And we are going to ride this together, till the end. I am gonna sit besides you and enjoy all the ups and downs.
We are going to see each other laugh and cry. 
I sound mean or selfish right now, but I want to be your favourite too. It just doesn’t make sense without you. This whole thing. This life.
I hope, I really hope I make wonders in your life too. Just the way you have made wonders in my life. 
I hope I make you the best version of what you already are.
I hope I give you a lot of reasons to be happy.
I hope I give you a lot of reasons to feel God is kind, and life is sometimes fair too.
I hope I am able to give you abundance of love because you desevere every bit of it.
I hope you smile when you read this.
I hope you feel better about yourself.
I hope life becomes everything you want it to be.
I hope you meet people who uplift you and keep you happy.
I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
I hope both of us, stay in each other’s lives.
I hope, I honestly hope, we stay friends for eternity.
Yours lovingly,
P.S: I love you

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