High score.

I see you smile and I wonder how difficult would it be
  for someone to not fall in love with you
 for someone especially like me
 I absolutely adore the way you laugh
 the way you throw your head back 
 you could be laughing on frivolous thing 
 or on a silly joke I did crack
In times of ecstasy with you
I see how your face goes bright 
I lose track of time and 
everything suddenly seems so right
Your eyes are my favorite young man
I am charmed by the glances they throw
They have told me a lot of things
everything I have wanted to know 
Making a promise is an honest art
And your palms do that often
It’s strange how they assure me
This is something very uncommon
I would call holding your hand a celebration
A remarkable celebration indeed 
The way our fingers intertwine with each other 
With exceptional affection and greed 
You are beyond what my words can ever describe 
Blessed with qualities so rare
Captivating how every action of yours
Always has the correct amount of flair
I am in love with you boy 
And I have said this a million times before
If being amazing had been a game
You would definitely make a high score.

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