It’s time.

Let’s run now, let’s swim to the other side of the sea
We shall cross a lot of oceans and mountains
And solve every mystery
For how long are we gonna sit back
and think about what they have to say about our goals
Who are they to determine the size of our dreams
Who are they to tell us what to do or what are our roles
We don’t need dictators anymore
We are done with them a long while ago
It’s time we focus on what our heart aches for
It’s time we look at the sun that shines without sorrow
We have to do a lot for our generations ahead
We have to make sure we are a good history
We shall focus on the positives now
And start living every moment, like we are free
Those somber days are now over
Now it’s our chance to come out of the cage
To fly like birds and reach the height soon
We have to make our future selves proud, remember?
It’s time to make our own little tune
The time is running, we shouldn’t wait anymore
We have a lot to do
This world is a big place, our dreams are bigger
Let’s not waste time
Let’s be fearless and get through!


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