The day you’ll come back.

I have caught a lot of stars in the hope that one day I’ll throw them in front of your eyes, to make your eyes shine more than they usually do. I am going to hold your hand and ask you to dance with me when it rains like it’s raining for the first time. I want you to lose yourself under the sky, seeing birds flying high like there is no destination, but just one beautiful journey till we last. The world is huge and it demands to be explored, and I want to explore it with you. When leaves become weak and fall off the tree, it’s something to wonder about. What if that one leaf wanted to be with the tree for a little longer? Think about it. It didn’t have a choice.
   We don’t have choices everywhere. We can only wish for a chance. We will gather wood from the forest and burn it together to see how slowly everything turns to nothing, but a memory. I will write your name on a tree with a sharp stone, in the hope that you will live for as long as that tree survives. I will protect it from almost every calamity, I will water it everyday. Trees should last forever, I feel. They deserve it. Just like you do.
     We will stand together and watch the waves touching our feet and going back to the sea. Some moments in life are exactly like that. Some moments come rushing. Some, gently. But, they don’t last for too long. All you have to do is, live the moment. To feel it, to enjoy it. To smile, when it gets over. To thank the universe. I have had a lot of moments with you, which didn’t last for too long. But, I still remember how they felt. Beautiful and divine.
I am going to wait for the Sun to shine again, like it did when I was with you. Everyday I look at the Sun and wait for it to glow that way. I believe it will. When the clouds cover the Sun, and I don’t see it anymore, I shudder. But, I know that they won’t be able to take the Sun away from me for too long. I know, it will come back, because there is light. Glimmer of hope. Hope that the Sun will come back and shine, just like you.
 Come back. I am waiting.
 I promise I will make life a beautiful adventure. I will fulfill every little promise I made. We have a lot more to do and achieve. I want to show you what all I have planned. Come fast, I don’t want the clouds of despair anymore. My heart aches for a glimpse of you. A glimpse to convince my heart, that you are still there, and it can still continue to beat.

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