Happy journey!

“Life is a blissful journey with multiple stations. You’ll meet a lot of people in this journey. Not everyone will be with you till your destination. Some get down soon. Some, never. Make sure you make the most of the time you get with them. Some of them are just to make your journey a happy one and some are here to be the journey. You’ll be mesmerized by few of them. You’ll want them to stay for a lil longer. But in the process of making them stay, don’t forget to appreciate the beautiful view. Don’t forget to look outside and see other beautiful moments pass by. Don’t judge someone when they enter. It’s too soon for you to decide who they are. They must be tired because of their previous journey. What if they didn’t have a great time?
 Give them time to settle in. But, never be fooled by someone. There are a lot of people who would want to spoil your journey because they never had a nice one. Take care of your belongings. Some are here to grab them away. While some are here to grab your heart.
Remember that not everyone deserves to snatch it away from you. So be careful, make sure your belongings go in safe hands. Only the luckier ones in this journey find someone who takes care of their belongings. Passengers that make sure you are safe, and so is your heart.
There are few who come just to make you smile, just to make you feel that this journey is not that bad. Then they get down, and you never see them again.
While the ones who stay, live through it all. They see you since the moment they enter and change their final destination for you. They stay because you are more important than where they want to go..so don’t forget to appreciate their stay, because not many will afford to lose their dream, just for you.”



  1. Hi Shraddha! You have curated the most negligent factor in such a superb way. Every one goes through each emotions that you have mentioned here, but it go unnoticed as soon as we reach our destinations. I have traveled in train for many years to my native town which involved 2 1/2 day of journey; and so I am able to relate with what you have written here. So well noted 🙂 Thanks for sharing the forgotten moments.



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