Just one wish.

She thought of him as a dream. Something she always wanted to achieve.
They told her to forget about him. She would laugh, and say “Can one forget how to breathe?”

She was crazy. She didn’t want to know things beyond him. She thought it was pointless. She knew if there had to be anything, that will make her life worth living, was him.

She was hopelessly hopeful. She knew she would have him someday.

Even the tiniest possibility of seeing him, excited her. It excited her a little too much.
She wrote his name all over walls. On the pages of her books. On her mirror.

Seeing his name would make her smile.
She would stand in front of the mirror and smile. Sometimes, blush. Sometimes, giggle.

She would dress up sometimes for no reason at all.

She would wait for him at the door. Smiling, looking at the road. She would call for him.

People thought she was crazy, and indeed, she was.

Crazily in love.

She waited for him even when he had no plans of coming back.

At night, she would stare at the sky for hours. For a star to give up and fulfill her wish of meeting the one.

The one who has gone forever.



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