When my heart broke into pieces, you were the one who filled the voids with love.
You pour love and I was fine.

The aura around you makes me feel at home.
Maybe, its in the way you hold my hands when you talk to me.
Maybe, its in the way you smile at almost everything I say.
Maybe, its in the way you laugh when I say something funny.
I feel at home. I feel familiar.
Have I met you before? I wonder.
Our love isn’t great. Our story won’t be remembered.
I haven’t done something thrilling to leave a mark here. But, I hope I make your heart beat faster. I hope I give you reasons to smile when you lay in bed at night, not able to sleep. I hope I pass through your mind when you see someone romancing. I hope for every time someone says “Him” you think of me.
I hope I have rewritten the pages of your life. I hope I am the one you will want to be with till the end. I hope I become an important part of your life, cause darling, that’s my greed. To be attached to you in some or the way. To be close to you. To be remembered by nobody, but you.


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