What are we without pain?
The scars, the marks. They are supposed to be there to remind you of your dark days. To remind you of the pain that made you what you are.
To tell you that you were strong enough to go through the darkness.
That every bad thing comes to an end.
Light will always show you where to go. Light will always show you the way to happiness.

But, don’t refuse the pain that comes along. Probably, because you cannot. You cannot avoid pain. You have to accept it. Deal with it.
Pain will try to make you lose. Pain will try to tell you that everything’s over. But, hold on. Hold on for a while. Don’t let it define your entire life. Don’t let it tell you that you are not capable of achieving happiness again.
Don’t let the darkness take hope away from you. It’s the only thing that will get you through.
You will always come out of the tunnel.
There will be always be an end.
You need not worry. You are strong enough.
You will survive, and you will survive beautifully.



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