Let me tell you.

This was meant to be.
That oh-so-unexpected things you do for me
Your simple gestures of friendliness
How could I ever stop myself from falling in love for you?
There is no ignorance, no avoidance to it
It’s the truth,
this is the only truth I can possibly be sure of
Yes, this is love.
Though I may not realize it as much as I should
But, I want you to realize. I want you to know
Of these silly little things which happened
with time.
Those weren’t just casual meets
or awkward walks along the streets
Endless conversations over the phone
or the pointless late night chats
It wasn’t just meeting for a coffee,
or together watching a movie
It wasn’t just seeing you laugh
and smile over stupid things I do
Unknowingly it was a lot more
A lot more than we could ever possibly think of
And I now Know what it has summed up to
It summed up to – Love.
Love, in it’s purest form.
Because I know you, I understand you.
You know me, You understand me.
How simple and effortless this is.
And yet so beautiful.
So heartful.
So soulful.
And I really love you.
I love you much more than I loved you yesterday.
Than a moment before I wrote this line.
This is infinite.
This is endless.
Yes, this is love.
Love in it’s purest form.

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