I don’t understand – Let me go.

I understand the pain your heart feels when it pours
I understand the tears that roll down your cheek at 1 am
I understand the emptiness you feel when the phone doesn’t ring in the morning
I understand why you look out of the window and stare at the sky
I understand why you stare at the spaces between your fingers
I understand that the only wish that you have, is to be remembered.
But, I don’t seem to understand how
someone can possibly forget you.

Dont think I am lost
I am dreaming of an another world
And am constantly being found there;
A world where people don’t care about right or wrong
A world where no one dies feeling lonely
A world where scars are considered to be a sign of living
A world where pain is turned into a beautiful song
A world where people aren’t afraid of breaking their walls
A world where no one judges your tear drops
Don’t disturb me
I am finding peace
Don’t try to get me back
Darling, please let me go
For once
I think I’ll be happy with life
For once, you know?


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