My soul desires for love; it craves for it every night
Love that will burn like fire that devours raw wood
A love that will come down pouring through the sky
My soul knows no promises,
it believes that they never come true
But, my soul believes in love that is raw;
Love that never promises,
but does what it is exactly supposed to
A love that doesn’t try to be something that it is not
And has never been defined in books
Instead thrives on the pages that were never read
And has survived in corners and nooks
Don’t be the kind of love that conceals it’s weakness
And boasts of it’s strength aggressively
I urge you to openly admit to your mistakes and flaws
And be okay with it becoming a part of your identity
Don’t waste your time in seeking perfection
Perfection doesn’t interest my soul
Instead become my pillow when I need to sleep
or glance at me through my cereal bowl
Show me your wounds,
In fact go flaunt them with pride
Reveal all your secrets to me
My ear is a safe place for them to hide
But never you promise me something you can’t fulfill
I’m afraid of dreams that break into pieces of despair
I urge you to be genuine and raw
Darling, please play it fair?


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