Goodbyes are difficult, I know. The moments I spend with you are so beautiful, they should last forever. The time my eyes get to look at you, your face, is the time my eyes enjoy the most. It becomes difficult when you have to go. I can’t say goodbye to you probably because it’s the hardest thing to do. It’s strange how my hands automatically find yours and hold them. Trust me, I don’t plan to do it. It happens. When my fingers touch yours, I swear, I feel like a part of you and it’s the best possible feeling. When I look away, and you look at me, I catch you from the corner of my eye. I swear, I die. I can’t accept the fact that I won’t be seeing you after that point of time. Goodbye declares it. And I hate it. Goodbyes are difficult, I told you. Especially when you’ve to say it to someone you want to be with, forever.

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