Things I’d never say.

Every time, I catch myself smiling, I know it’s you.
times when I can’t fall asleep at night,
cause my heart still craves to talk to you,
it’s you who’s responsible for all the midnight diary notes
I believe you have no clue about what happens to my heart
every time you are next to me
and for some reason
I won’t ever let you know
cause it’s beautiful to see you unaware
in your own world, clueless
about how badly I want to be with you
I picture both of us together
holding each other
whispering things we would never say in reality
it’s so exciting that it almost feels real
and every time, I think of you
I swear a million times,
my heart races like never before
you’re a ocean, there’s so much I want to know
I want to fall, swim, find myself in you
You look the best when you laugh
when you throw your head back
and close your eyes
I watch you, I watch you, and fall in love.


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