The sky cries.

every night, darling, the sky cries
the sky watches you unravel, unwind,
unfold yourself on the bedsheet
you’re tired, your eyes are dull
you’re crying for some reason
you’re still to know about
the sky watches you weep
tears falling down, on your soft pillow
before you sleep
why are you so exhausted darling
the sky wonders
what are you seeking from this life
you’re unsatisfied and hungry
and maybe that makes you what you’re
you’re searching for passion, a fire
that will lighten the darkness in your heart
your soul, it knows nothing
just love, and it waits for it
you lay there, silently
with your layers down
naked and raw, no masks
nothing to hide
you ask for more,
more love
more passion
more joy
oh you hungry little soul
every night darling, the sky cries till you sleep.

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