You’re power.

Don’t give up, I don’t want you to
You are strong, you can make it through
Find your strength, keep your head high
There is nobody to stop you, no goodbye
Let them speak what they want
Let them insult, and let them taunt
You’re different, you’re one of a kind
They don’t understand you or your mind
Get up, get up for yourself and fight
They’re strong on the outside
Weak inside
You’re strong
You’re fearless
You’re power
They will try to push you to the ground
They will make your world turn upside down
But hold on, you’ve to pass this test
Let them make noise, you’ll put them to rest
Don’t let their words shrink you, never be afraid
Sorrow is for everyone, but don’t pick up the blade
You gotta push yourself, and cross your limit
It might get harder but you’ve to keep up your spirit
It’s time you shake the ground with your rage
Freedom is what you aspire, get out of your cage
There is harm in being quiet and suffer
thunder makes people shiver and shudder
Don’t give up, I don’t want you to be afraid
Raise your voice, things will definitely get better
You’re strong, you’re fearless, you’re the most powerful power.


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