A moment.

It’s raining and I am sitting next to the window thinking about you. Remember the first time you said, “I love you” and how I thought you were kidding. You said it again, and we looked at each other and did not utter a word. It was drizzling. You kept looking at me, and I smiled. You came closer to me, and kissed my lips. I still remember how everything froze for that moment. Now, every time it drizzles, it reminds me of you and our first kiss. It reminds me of your face, of your eyes, particularly. I always thought they were hiding something. Remember, when I told you this, you burst out laughing and hugged me. Life was a different journey  with you, a journey in the sky, with stars on both the sides, twinkling. Remember the first time, we danced in your room. It was a Friday. You were tired after your game of basketball and I was in a grumpy mood. But, our favourite song was playing and you got out of your bed and made me dance with you. You were a bad dancer, but such a great charmer. You missed the beats, but never did you miss a chance to make me smile. The first time we got rid of our layers. One kiss lead to another. We couldn’t get our hands off each other. You kissed my shoulders the most. You said they were the sexiest curves I had. I giggled. You kissed them even more. How we were in bed, talking about each other. You even told me about your greatest fear and cried. I remember I felt, “This is it. He is the one” and I cried too. It was such a complete moment. In fact, the entire time I have had with you, was a complete moment. But, I guess I failed to realize, moments are not forever. They end.

And now I am sitting here, listening to our favourite song, wondering about how life would be, if you were really kidding about it. And you know what? Sometimes, I really wish you were kidding.


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