“I hope you do realise that you’ll eventually have to give up on your bad habits. They are taking you down with them, mister.” I said while he was busy looking for a packet of cigarettes.
“These aren’t bad habits. They just keep me going and stop me from becoming a mad man.” he said as he picked up the pack.
“You are already one mad man. Stop filling your life with habits like these. It’s just going to make it all worse.” I snatched the packet. “As long as I’m there, I should be the only habit you’ve.” I chuckled.
“Good one or a bad one?” he smirked.
“I leave that to you. But, I should be the only habit.” I smiled as I threw the packet across the room.
“Old habits die hard, woman.” he said while letting out a sigh.
“You can still search for it and go back to your old forsaken habits. But, what if I go?
I’ve just met you. Will you look for me?” I asked him while he was searching for it in bed.
He turned back. “After you go, I’ll need something to keep me alive enough to look for you. I’ll search for you, like a long lost habit. I promise.” 

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