“To be honest with you, I don’t see you with me in the future. I see you with someone else, who keeps you happier than I do. With someone who is sane enough to love you carefully. With someone who isn’t so messed up with his own insecurities. I want you to be safe, happy and most importantly – away. The kind of love that is meant for you is not with me, darling.” he said as he looked out at the sky sipping on cold coffee. “I don’t want to be safe then. I would rather risk my life with you than be on a safe journey with someone else who lacks the excitement I need. Your madness is what I seek. Your madness is what keeps me alive. I’m addicted to your bizarre mood swings and your unhealthy habits. I think I find peace in your melancholic tendencies. I see a purpose when I’m with you. What else can I ask for?” she said as she hugged him.

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