The Untitled One.

Don’t write because you think it’s been some time you last wrote a piece
Don’t write because you want to remind them that you’re a writer
Write when it comes from within
Write when the words knock from inside
So you let them out for once
Write when it gets so suffocating
that your lungs scream out for help
Write when you want to throw off your words right on to a paper
To catch your breath once again
Write when you think you aren’t stessing over looking for the right words, metaphors and epiphanies
Write when they’re just slipping right away out of your hands
Do not fool yourself to write something that isn’t entirely yours
That’s a crime beyond illegal
Don’t write to win over likes over Facebook, or to hear comments about the right choices of words
Writing is more than that, it should first be  something you do for yourself
It shouldn’t be something that starts off as you hold a pen or lay down your fingers aggressively on the keyboard
It’s a process that’s going on all the time
Let yourself be the piece before you let that out
Don’t run behind the words that paint the most beautiful night skies
Let a night sky follow you so that you write about it in the best possible way
Write when the fire insides you burns your gut
Write when you see no other way
Write when you’re done with words that have made all books drowsy for years
Don’t write when you want to prove it to yourself that the skill is still fine
Stay strong, the writer inside never sleeps
Write when words come to meet you just like an old friend
Write when you know there is no other end to the internal wars
Write because you’re a a magician who turns pages into mirrors
Write because you want to heal lives and not just scars.




  1. Hey Shraddha, thank you so much.. Its really awe-inspiring !
    I enjoyed reading this.

    “It’s a process that’s going on all the time”
    Its very never stops..

    All the best dear!


    – Gita



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