Until then.

“Do you have a secret?” she asked as she jumped into the bed, next to him.
“A lot of them.” he said looking at her.
“You should let them out, free. There’s no point holding on to them forever.” she said.
“They’ll eventually find a way out. I want to give them their time.” he said with a subtle smile on his face.
She was still looking for a definite answer. Something about him always seemed mystical. He looked different to her when he tried to hide something.
“In this process, you’re making me wait too. I can’t wait for your secrets to come out. I need to know them. I need to see you like what you are.” she said as the smile on her face faded.
“You’re seeing what I’m. This is who I’m. I’m a man full of secrets, most of which you’ll never know. Secrets you wouldn’t want to know.” he sighed.
“What if I dont like the person you’re after your secrets are free?” she asked.
“That day, you’ll be as free as my secret. Or maybe, you’ll become my next secret. Once you’re free, you’ll decide who I’m. Until then..”
They kissed.


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