How To Develop A Character In Your Story

If you’re into fiction writing, you probably know how important your characters are. Character development is one of the most interesting things about fiction writing. There is generally no thumb rule when it comes to sketching your characters. However, tips never do any harm!

Let’s name our character – Jimmy.

1. Describe physical attributes

Describing physical features is like spoon-feeding imagination to your reader! You’re giving them an idea of how the person actually looks like, so give them as many details as possible. What kind of clothes does Jimmy wear? Describe his hair. Describe his eyes. Describe how he eats, how he sleeps, how he talks, everything! This forms an image about the person. And once you’ve somewhat established how he looks like, your reader will take it ahead.

2. Talk about their past

Jimmy didn’t just appear! Write about his childhood, his first crush, his school and everything relevant in his history. This gives your character some depth and adds more emotions. A reader will then connect to Jimmy and will know him like a childhood friend. This helps them to even map certain attributes of Jimmy to his actions.

‘Ah! Jimmy would totally do this.’
‘I knew Jimmy would say that!’

You get the point?

3. Live the character

Get into Jimmy’s shoes. Be Jimmy. If you cannot see the world through his eyes, your readers will fail too. While you’re writing dialogues, make sure they connect to the above-mentioned points or you will end up confusing your reader. For example, if Jimmy had an emotional connection with his grandparents, he would be considerate while talking to someone elderly. He wouldn’t go like,

“Get out, you oldie.”

Sounds absurd, isn’t it?

He would instead be, “Can I help you with something, Ms. Grues?”
This is just an example, though. You can keep it absurd too.

4. Describe them through actions

Don’t give it out straight all the time! Your character becomes boring them. Describe their qualities through actions, incidents in the past etc. This is a way of giving an idea about the character indirectly. Trust me, this keeps it interesting.

For example:

If Jimmy likes cookies, don’t just write

“Jimmy loved cookies.”

Instead, write something like –

“Jimmy promised to eat just one cookie, but ended up finishing the whole jar!”

5. Keep it real

The most important one!
A lot of people struggle while developing their characters to make them as interesting and exciting as possible. That’s where they go wrong. Jimmy has to be effortlessly real. Think of him as someone you know. How would you describe Jimmy? Think of it like this. If you had to introduce him to a friend to give your friend an exact idea of he is, how would you go about it? You would just go on and on to make your friend familiar with him, right? A character sketch is exactly like that! No rocket science.

Do let me know if these tips helped!


Smudged memories.

For once, I want to see the sunset
and just appreciate it’s untouched beauty
I want to see the soft orange glow
above the sea
and not get lost into the 
bedlam of our time like it is my sacred treasury
for once I want to dance in the rain
tap on the puddles of joy
without thinking about that wonderful day
when we first met and exchanged numbers
I want to sit across the sea
and allow my thoughts to surrender
only to that gigantic unimpeachable body
without any wave hitting me to push me
back to those times when you confessed
how much you really wanted me
I want to see the stars and count them innocently
like a little girl anonymous to the fact
that they’re plenty for my 10 fingers
for once I want to look at the sky
and not think about that empty but starry night
when you bid me a cold goodbye
I want to see the moon merely as the moon
radiant and unaffected by what we think of it
I want winter to go back to being only a season
and not the time when our romance was at its peak
I want flowers to mean only naïve again
and not something you gave me on anniversaries
I want to just be what I am, and not someone
who now thrives only in the world of
your smudged memories
but here I am kissing your memory
like it gives me another day
to breathe and survive
here I am embracing every day
like it is to be lived like 
we are still a firm one and not two
here I am asking the world
to be a reflection of what it used to be
when I was with you.

(I don’t own the image. The artist has done a fantastic job!)

Come find me.

So, I asked a very dear friend to write a guest post for the blog. And, she did it oh so beautifully. Thank you, Karishma. You’re truly amazing.
“I remember when I was still small enough to fuss over the smallest of the things,
Id fuss over the Moon.
I worried whether the Moon swayed the skies with the clouds,
If it shone above or below them
Or all along with them?
On nights when I walked by the lake,
I remember wondering if the moon crossed the skies and dived into the waters
Left its imprints on the surface
The way it mirrored on my mind
Or was it simply a shadow?
Washed away by the mornings brilliant light
I never knew then,
that my wild fascination would once die.
I never knew then,
that that the moon’s glow was a lie.
I never knew then,
that even after the sun had set it could emit and radiate itself by and by.
When I was still small enough,
I’d fuss over the smallest of the things.
Id think about the tiny twinklers deeply embedded in dark black seas
Charting my own constellations in the maps of my mind
Theyd make their own maze and get lost away in the wild
I never knew then,
that one day I’d recognize those little sparklers as giant orbs of fire
buried deep into wells of darkness.
I could never imagine a distance so far in the realms of space or time
That could make significant things look so minuscule.
Brilliant when seen, but almost microscopic otherwise.
Almost blind to the human eyes.
What good is gazing the night sky?
Its divine.
Its graceful.
It is as soulful as your eyes.
When I was small,
I’d fuss over the smallest of the things
Over the moon
Did it really love me so?
Coz it did follow me everywhere I’d go?
But no.
It did nothing so.
My gaze chased you all over, I know.
As it trails the moon at nightfall
To see if it peeks a boo through the skies
Or tip-toes behind a ragged curtain
Or simply allows a sight of its shadow over faded vapours
I follow the trail.
Since forever I can remember.
I am searching for something
Hidden. Aglow. That once belonged to me.
Now, something beyond me.

Come find me.”
If you want to connect with her, find her on Facebook – Karishma.
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When we met after 4 years, I realised how much I missed having her around. She had gotten her nose pierced. Her hair was somewhere between burgundy and brown. She had a different accent and wore charms. She also had a little tattoo on her wrist.
But, she was still the same. Clumsy, naive and so damn beautiful.
It was strange how I had so much to tell her but yet I was stopping myself. There were these awkward glazes we threw at each other. She’d look at me like she was about to say something and then she would just look away.
Our separation did harm both of us in many ways and we sure went on different paths as individuals.
But, yet again, we met for a cup of coffee in the end.
And I realised we were not just two people in a cafe, talking about the weather and our favourite places in the world. We were two individuals trying to run away from the fact that our love still made us feel a little warm in the cold weather. Though we didn’t say it out loud, I knew she was the same girl I loved few years back and I was the same boy she’d want to fulfill her dreams with.
The silence could mean a lot of things to people around us. But deep down it meant exactly the same thing to both of us.
We were still in love.

How To Get More Views On Your Blog

Blogging ain’t easy especially when the internet is loaded with millions of articles. But, hold on, fellow blogger! I have some suggestions that will radically improve your blog views and give you a wider reach.

1. Write What People Are Searching For

Basically, unless and until, you don’t write blogs which aren’t relevant to people out there, you aren’t going to get a lot of views. This doesn’t mean that you block your creativity from being the guiding light for your blogs. It simply means you cater your content according to your target audience. Write what people are searching for. Use keywords that will get your blogs up on Google search. Try including most searched words in your blog titles, and see the magic!

2. Hit The Bulls Eye With Your Title

Though you blog content is what is important eventually, to get people to click on your link – your title should be powerful too! It’s basically the door to your house. People wouldn’t bother to know what’s inside the house unless the door isn’t eye-catching. Make sure your title indicates what your blog is all about. Don’t keep it too long either! Play around with words and hit the bulls eye!

3. The Power of Social Media

Social media is the best way to get most of your audience. Simply posting the link to your blog on Twitter or Facebook can get you enough views. Make sure you leave a small description that makes your audience click on your link. Don’t post it a lot of times, people might take it as spam! Try connecting with people who are looking for the kind of content you are offering. Retweets and shares go a long way!

4. Submit Your Blog Link on Leading Blog Sites

The blogger community is huge and is always looking for fresh content. Feel free to post your blog link on these sites! This will also connect you to new blogger friends and will help you stay active. Remember, unless and until your blog doesn’t seem interesting, this won’t work either.

5. Use The Right Tags

Blogging does give you the option to use labels/tags in your blogs to improve your blog reach. The right kind of tags will not only increase your blog views but will also help you sort your blogs under categories. Be specific with your tags and don’t use terms that are too generic.

6. Write Your Best

Last but definitely not the least, content is what helps your blog do better. Write a blog on relevant topics like current affairs, fiction, DIYs, lifestyle etc. Write something that will help someone or make someone revisit your blog. Writing good content will just make your job ten times easier. Content is the king, and you cannot disagree!

If these tips helped you, don’t forget to leave a comment!