When we met after 4 years, I realised how much I missed having her around. She had gotten her nose pierced. Her hair was somewhere between burgundy and brown. She had a different accent and wore charms. She also had a little tattoo on her wrist.
But, she was still the same. Clumsy, naive and so damn beautiful.
It was strange how I had so much to tell her but yet I was stopping myself. There were these awkward glazes we threw at each other. She’d look at me like she was about to say something and then she would just look away.
Our separation did harm both of us in many ways and we sure went on different paths as individuals.
But, yet again, we met for a cup of coffee in the end.
And I realised we were not just two people in a cafe, talking about the weather and our favourite places in the world. We were two individuals trying to run away from the fact that our love still made us feel a little warm in the cold weather. Though we didn’t say it out loud, I knew she was the same girl I loved few years back and I was the same boy she’d want to fulfill her dreams with.
The silence could mean a lot of things to people around us. But deep down it meant exactly the same thing to both of us.
We were still in love.

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