Come find me.

So, I asked a very dear friend to write a guest post for the blog. And, she did it oh so beautifully. Thank you, Karishma. You’re truly amazing.
“I remember when I was still small enough to fuss over the smallest of the things,
Id fuss over the Moon.
I worried whether the Moon swayed the skies with the clouds,
If it shone above or below them
Or all along with them?
On nights when I walked by the lake,
I remember wondering if the moon crossed the skies and dived into the waters
Left its imprints on the surface
The way it mirrored on my mind
Or was it simply a shadow?
Washed away by the mornings brilliant light
I never knew then,
that my wild fascination would once die.
I never knew then,
that that the moon’s glow was a lie.
I never knew then,
that even after the sun had set it could emit and radiate itself by and by.
When I was still small enough,
I’d fuss over the smallest of the things.
Id think about the tiny twinklers deeply embedded in dark black seas
Charting my own constellations in the maps of my mind
Theyd make their own maze and get lost away in the wild
I never knew then,
that one day I’d recognize those little sparklers as giant orbs of fire
buried deep into wells of darkness.
I could never imagine a distance so far in the realms of space or time
That could make significant things look so minuscule.
Brilliant when seen, but almost microscopic otherwise.
Almost blind to the human eyes.
What good is gazing the night sky?
Its divine.
Its graceful.
It is as soulful as your eyes.
When I was small,
I’d fuss over the smallest of the things
Over the moon
Did it really love me so?
Coz it did follow me everywhere I’d go?
But no.
It did nothing so.
My gaze chased you all over, I know.
As it trails the moon at nightfall
To see if it peeks a boo through the skies
Or tip-toes behind a ragged curtain
Or simply allows a sight of its shadow over faded vapours
I follow the trail.
Since forever I can remember.
I am searching for something
Hidden. Aglow. That once belonged to me.
Now, something beyond me.

Come find me.”
If you want to connect with her, find her on Facebook – Karishma.
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