Smudged memories.

For once, I want to see the sunset
and just appreciate it’s untouched beauty
I want to see the soft orange glow
above the sea
and not get lost into the 
bedlam of our time like it is my sacred treasury
for once I want to dance in the rain
tap on the puddles of joy
without thinking about that wonderful day
when we first met and exchanged numbers
I want to sit across the sea
and allow my thoughts to surrender
only to that gigantic unimpeachable body
without any wave hitting me to push me
back to those times when you confessed
how much you really wanted me
I want to see the stars and count them innocently
like a little girl anonymous to the fact
that they’re plenty for my 10 fingers
for once I want to look at the sky
and not think about that empty but starry night
when you bid me a cold goodbye
I want to see the moon merely as the moon
radiant and unaffected by what we think of it
I want winter to go back to being only a season
and not the time when our romance was at its peak
I want flowers to mean only naïve again
and not something you gave me on anniversaries
I want to just be what I am, and not someone
who now thrives only in the world of
your smudged memories
but here I am kissing your memory
like it gives me another day
to breathe and survive
here I am embracing every day
like it is to be lived like 
we are still a firm one and not two
here I am asking the world
to be a reflection of what it used to be
when I was with you.

(I don’t own the image. The artist has done a fantastic job!)


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