The Oak tree.

I hope you don’t forget the time
we’ve spent under the oak tree.
We watched the world being
what it is and realised how vulnerable
we are to everything around us.
We sat next to each other
& watched it pour.
We let our thoughts surrender and
embraced our existence.

Oak Tree

My biggest fear was never losing you.
It was always being forgotten. I hope
some day, you find me here and there,
and a blurry montage comes to find you.
And, I hope you smile and remember
the oak tree we once fondly loved.
That way, I’m sure, I’ll always be with you.


Good morning.

I want to wake up to a morning when I smell coffee instead of a cigarette. A morning when my eyes don’t feel tired and my body doesn’t feel heavy. I want to get up and see the sun shining like never before.
I don’t want to wake up with thoughts that make me feel like a storm right out of the bed. I want to feel like breeze – gentle and light. Swinging across one room to another. I want to get up in a messy bed that still feels beautiful. I want to listen to someone hum a song no matter what the lyrics happen to be. I want to feel alive and ready to put my feet on the ground. I don’t want to think about what the day brings. Sometimes, I just want to have a good morning that actually feels good.


11 Struggles Only Writers Will Understand  

Writing is a fun process. But, it’s not so easy. It takes patience. Here are a few struggles every writer out there can relate to. Been there, done that? 

  1. The Beginning

We know what we want to write about. It’s almost there. But, HOW ON EARTH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WRITE THE FIRST SENTENCE? I can’t possibly never get rid of this struggle.


2. The Title

After you’ve finished writing a beautiful piece of writing, you realise you’ve missed out on something. What is it?



3. When Someone Reads What You’ve Written (IN FRONT OF YOU)

Brb. Looking for a place that takes away every ounce of my existence.


4. When People Think You’re Depressed

Writing IS a true reflection of what you’re. But, hold on. I do create fiction too. I write. I create unreal things. I am not depressed. I repeat, I am NOT DEPRESSED.


5. When People Ask You To Explain Your Writing

I often end up making them believe I am a fool and I’ve no idea what I am doing with my life. I just can’t do this right.


6. “Dude, who reads your stuff?”

Sort of done with this race, at times. You know?


7. When A Friend Asks You To Write A Caption For Them

Reminder: I am not a content creating machine. Go google a damn quote for your Instagram picture.


8. “Sure. I’ll read it later.”

Thanks. I was genuinely looking for some ignorance.


 9. When Your Writing Gets Personal

This happens a lot of times. You end up putting a secret OUT THERE. To publish or not to publish is the question.


10. When You Think You Can Write Better

C’mon. I can do better. There is something I can fix. Can I add another character? Is that dialogue making sense? What if I write about a talking dragon?


11.  Ending it right

Hello, my old friend.



This one’s to all you amazing writers who are never going to give up on writing in spite of these evil struggles.

Hope you guys liked this! Have a struggle to share? Feel free to comment.

(I don’t own the rights to any of the above GIFS. They’ve been used only for representational purposes)

31 things to keep in mind while writing a short story.


  1. Write everything you picture in your head.
  2. Describe each and every detail.
  3. Don’t let someone tell you your story is stupid.
  4. Describe the curtains.
  5. Take a break and eat something.
  6. Give interesting names to your characters.
  8. Be emotionally involved.
  9. Read it out in your head.
  10. Did I mention the curtains?
  11. Don’t hesitate to make it more real. Real is cool.
  12. Don’t bother about the beginning, middle and blah blah.
  13. Remember there exists a reader.
  14. Active and passive both work.
  15. Your voice is your voice.
  16. More dialogues. Interesting dialogues.
  17. Have you thought of a title?
  18. It’s okay if your characters don’t make sense.
  19. Don’t miss the flow. Just don’t.
  20. Grammar can wait for a bit.
  21. Can you hear someone talking?
  22. Don’t rush towards the end.
  23. Does your story have a message?
  24. Are you thinking of killing someone?
  25. Wait for it to make sense.
  26. Drink water. Walk around.
  27. Fin fin fin.
  28. Revise once done.
  29. Revise again.
  30. Hello, grammar.
  31. Title. End.



We’ll do it.

I’ve seen you smiling and laughing next to me through summer and spring. It almost feels like a dream that is never-ending. A series of desired events, one after the other. With you, it feels like I’m at home. With you, I feel protected.
You’re my knight without a shining armour. Your existence is my heart’s favourite fireplace. You’re the giver of warmth. You’re the giver of joy. You’re the sun’s kiss when it gets too cold. You’re the rain’s intimacy when I’m thirsty.

large We’ll get lost in the woods and kiss under the moon. The night will get over but we will never run out of love. Your shoulder will be my only support and my lap your only pillow. You’ll fill me with your fire and I’ll fill you with my desire.
We’ll sail through oceans and fight all winds. We’ll go touch horizons and conquer our dream. I’ll save you from the thunder. I swear I’ll fight every storm. I’ll tell you stories and sing you songs that make you feel alive. We’ll write poetries that kick morose and give us the glimmer we’ve always wanted.
You’re everything my words can’t describe. I promise I’ll love you beyond time and existence. You’ll always be my first and last. You’ll always be my home.

What happened to us?

What happened to us?
I never realised how soon you turned into a floating memory. It’s strange how human relationships work. It still feels like yesterday when both of us used to spend hours talking over the phone about absolute bullshit. We never needed reasons to keep a conversation alive.
Both of us were almost inseparable. We were like the hands of a clock. In different directions but always tied together.
You knew my moods. You knew my preferences. You would make fun of my IQ and I would make fun of your face. The first time I saw you I wanted to hit you. I swear.
There are times when I feel like calling you and taking on a normal topic. Like, nothing ever happened. But, it’s not easy to pick up things after they break into something else.
I can still call you to tell you how much I miss you. However, are we ever going back to what we were?
I would have never possibly imagined that we will have awkward conversations. We go on without seeing each other for days. Days when we absolutely skip talking to each other and no one raises a damn concern.
It’s obvious. I know we have changed. And, what sucks is that we have accepted this too.
That’s when it hurts. That’s when it makes me sick. That’s when I want to talk to you and cry. That’s when I want both of us to fight and keep this shit alive.
I miss you. I really do.
Tell me. What happened to us?

Her story.

She isn’t here anymore and we aren’t what we used to be. The conversations are over, and a part of a fond memory. I still find her in the back of my pocket some times. Usually where I keep my pack cigarettes. I see her smiling at me when I’m listening to my favourite song, cut off from the world.

I visit nearby cafes, read old diaries and realise the real coffee stains are still inside my heart. The coffee doesn’t feel satisfying though. I miss her laughter that accompanied me.
She is a memory I’d hug over and over because it makes me feel warm.
I find us locked in time. We are still kissing. Holding each other. Breathing next to each other. I’m still there.
I know she is happy, wherever she is now.
We are in different continents, countries and time zones. We aren’t one anymore. But, I still feel like a part of her story. This isn’t my story. It’s hers.