That’s you.

 My relationship with Pa was beyond words. He was my grandfather and the only guardian I’ve ever had. We lived in a small house. Pa told me that we lived far away from the real world. Hence, I never had an idea about what the world was like. And because of him, it never mattered.
We also had a dog named Bobo. Bobo was my best friend and the best dog in the world. He would lick my face to wake me up. 
In the morning, Pa would make me some muffins and we would enjoy some music. I swear I could eat those muffins all day. 
I used to play with Bobo around the house while Pa would watch TV. I am guessing he used to watch some army related documentary. There was too much noise. I hated it. Later in the evening, he would take me for walks around the house. It used to be breezy and cold. While walking, he would never leave my hand. He used to tell me stories about his life in the army. I always thought of him as a hero. I remember asking him once,
“Why did you leave the army?”
“I realised people weren’t fighting for freedom anymore,” he said.
His stories were captivating. They always had some meaning attached. He used to tell me about my grandmother too. He missed her, I knew.
At night, I would sleep beside him. Bobo would sleep on the floor, right next to my side of the bed. He was so so furry. Pa would tell me stories at night too. I wouldn’t sleep without listening to them. He was like a story machine. He had so many of them.
My favourite story was about the prince named Zayan who was unstoppable. Pa said he could touch the moon. He wasn’t like the other boys, so he didn’t have friends. However, he was too special. Moon was something out of everyone’s reach, Pa said. I imagined it to be something precious.
Pa used to go somewhere in the afternoon and would ask me to stay inside the house with Bobo. He would tell me he is going to buy groceries.
One day, when Bobo and I were playing outside, he ran away. I couldn’t hear him barking. I started to cry his name.
 Pa and I went out to search him. We couldn’t find him. I was so upset, I didn’t want to eat anything. Not even muffins. At night, I heard him bark and woke up Pa. He asked me to sit in my room and went down. Bobo was back but he had gotten hurt. I hugged him so tight. He was so furry. He licked my face.
There was just one week left for my birthday. I knew Pa was planning something. He was always a step ahead. When I asked him if he knew what’s coming, he would act like he didn’t know. “Christmas is in December, Luke.”
I would giggle and punch his fat stomach.
On my birthday, he asked me to get up early. We were going somewhere. He didn’t give me details. Bobo was also in our car. We were listening to music and singing. Bobo would woof. It was the best time of my life. Every time, I was with them, I felt like the luckiest boy in the world.
As we were approaching the city, I could hear more cars. We stopped after a while and Pa kissed my cheek.
“Where are we?” I asked out of curiosity.
“You are going to meet Prince Zayan,” Pa replied.
I was so excited. I jumped out of the car. Pa held me in his arms. After a while, I heard someone telling him, “He is very brave.” I guessed that person was talking about the prince. He is indeed brave, I thought.
Pa and I were holding hands. Bobo was sitting near my feet. Pa said, “You will have to listen to her. She is going to help you meet Zayan,” I nodded. The woman took me with her inside the room. Pa hugged me tight and kissed my forehead.
After some time, I woke up with a headache. There was something on my face. I could hear Pa murmur something. I was almost about to cry when he hugged me.
The woman said, “Are you ready to meet him?”
I nodded. “We can remove it now,” someone else said.
 Slowly, they took off what was on my face. They told me to keep my eyes closed.
I could hear Pa cry.
“Open your eyes now,” the woman said.
When I opened my eyes, I saw a boy looking back at me. I couldn’t believe it.
“That’s your Prince Zayan,” the woman said.
“That’s you.” Pa added as he was holding the mirror.
 I could finally see.


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