What happened to us?

What happened to us?
I never realised how soon you turned into a floating memory. It’s strange how human relationships work. It still feels like yesterday when both of us used to spend hours talking over the phone about absolute bullshit. We never needed reasons to keep a conversation alive.
Both of us were almost inseparable. We were like the hands of a clock. In different directions but always tied together.
You knew my moods. You knew my preferences. You would make fun of my IQ and I would make fun of your face. The first time I saw you I wanted to hit you. I swear.
There are times when I feel like calling you and taking on a normal topic. Like, nothing ever happened. But, it’s not easy to pick up things after they break into something else.
I can still call you to tell you how much I miss you. However, are we ever going back to what we were?
I would have never possibly imagined that we will have awkward conversations. We go on without seeing each other for days. Days when we absolutely skip talking to each other and no one raises a damn concern.
It’s obvious. I know we have changed. And, what sucks is that we have accepted this too.
That’s when it hurts. That’s when it makes me sick. That’s when I want to talk to you and cry. That’s when I want both of us to fight and keep this shit alive.
I miss you. I really do.
Tell me. What happened to us?

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