We’ll do it.

I’ve seen you smiling and laughing next to me through summer and spring. It almost feels like a dream that is never-ending. A series of desired events, one after the other. With you, it feels like I’m at home. With you, I feel protected.
You’re my knight without a shining armour. Your existence is my heart’s favourite fireplace. You’re the giver of warmth. You’re the giver of joy. You’re the sun’s kiss when it gets too cold. You’re the rain’s intimacy when I’m thirsty.

large We’ll get lost in the woods and kiss under the moon. The night will get over but we will never run out of love. Your shoulder will be my only support and my lap your only pillow. You’ll fill me with your fire and I’ll fill you with my desire.
We’ll sail through oceans and fight all winds. We’ll go touch horizons and conquer our dream. I’ll save you from the thunder. I swear I’ll fight every storm. I’ll tell you stories and sing you songs that make you feel alive. We’ll write poetries that kick morose and give us the glimmer we’ve always wanted.
You’re everything my words can’t describe. I promise I’ll love you beyond time and existence. You’ll always be my first and last. You’ll always be my home.


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