11 Struggles Only Writers Will Understand  

Writing is a fun process. But, it’s not so easy. It takes patience. Here are a few struggles every writer out there can relate to. Been there, done that? 

  1. The Beginning

We know what we want to write about. It’s almost there. But, HOW ON EARTH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WRITE THE FIRST SENTENCE? I can’t possibly never get rid of this struggle.


2. The Title

After you’ve finished writing a beautiful piece of writing, you realise you’ve missed out on something. What is it?



3. When Someone Reads What You’ve Written (IN FRONT OF YOU)

Brb. Looking for a place that takes away every ounce of my existence.


4. When People Think You’re Depressed

Writing IS a true reflection of what you’re. But, hold on. I do create fiction too. I write. I create unreal things. I am not depressed. I repeat, I am NOT DEPRESSED.


5. When People Ask You To Explain Your Writing

I often end up making them believe I am a fool and I’ve no idea what I am doing with my life. I just can’t do this right.


6. “Dude, who reads your stuff?”

Sort of done with this race, at times. You know?


7. When A Friend Asks You To Write A Caption For Them

Reminder: I am not a content creating machine. Go google a damn quote for your Instagram picture.


8. “Sure. I’ll read it later.”

Thanks. I was genuinely looking for some ignorance.


 9. When Your Writing Gets Personal

This happens a lot of times. You end up putting a secret OUT THERE. To publish or not to publish is the question.


10. When You Think You Can Write Better

C’mon. I can do better. There is something I can fix. Can I add another character? Is that dialogue making sense? What if I write about a talking dragon?


11.  Ending it right

Hello, my old friend.



This one’s to all you amazing writers who are never going to give up on writing in spite of these evil struggles.

Hope you guys liked this! Have a struggle to share? Feel free to comment.

(I don’t own the rights to any of the above GIFS. They’ve been used only for representational purposes)



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