31 things to keep in mind while writing a short story.


  1. Write everything you picture in your head.
  2. Describe each and every detail.
  3. Don’t let someone tell you your story is stupid.
  4. Describe the curtains.
  5. Take a break and eat something.
  6. Give interesting names to your characters.
  8. Be emotionally involved.
  9. Read it out in your head.
  10. Did I mention the curtains?
  11. Don’t hesitate to make it more real. Real is cool.
  12. Don’t bother about the beginning, middle and blah blah.
  13. Remember there exists a reader.
  14. Active and passive both work.
  15. Your voice is your voice.
  16. More dialogues. Interesting dialogues.
  17. Have you thought of a title?
  18. It’s okay if your characters don’t make sense.
  19. Don’t miss the flow. Just don’t.
  20. Grammar can wait for a bit.
  21. Can you hear someone talking?
  22. Don’t rush towards the end.
  23. Does your story have a message?
  24. Are you thinking of killing someone?
  25. Wait for it to make sense.
  26. Drink water. Walk around.
  27. Fin fin fin.
  28. Revise once done.
  29. Revise again.
  30. Hello, grammar.
  31. Title. End.




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