9 Things You Should Do After Writing A Blog Post

A blog post that reaches no one is as good as nothing. If you’re a fellow blogger, I am sure you understand that being a blogger ain’t easy. We all know how difficult it is to get the best out of us. A lot of us produce brilliant content but unfortunately don’t take the necessary steps to increase the blog reach. It’s a real struggle, I get it. However, all of it going to be worth it.

publishing a blog

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Without taking much of your time, let me get to the point.

So, what to do to before and after publishing?

1. Proof-read

Hold on! I know all of us re-read our blogs before publishing them. But, I am asking you to read it once you post it. Reading it as a reader is looking at your blog post from a different perspective altogether. This will easily help you spot a few mistakes that you couldn’t spot in the draft mode. Do it. It makes your blog post error free and makes you look like a pro.

Worried about punctuation and grammar? Enable Grammarly. Here’s the link –http://www.grammarly.com


2. Say hello to SEO

If you think ONLY good content will take your blog post places, you are mistaken. A blog post that has good content but is not SEO optimised is a burger without sauces. Good, but it could be much better. Explore Google keywords and use the keywords people are using. You’ll be surprised to see how much this helps. For more on this, this post will definitely help.

3. Go social (media)

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you’re active. Don’t come across as a spam by just posting blog links. Work on your descriptions. Tell the audience what your blog is about in not more than 15 words and you won’t regret this. If you’re posting a link on Twitter, use 1-2 hashtags. Don’t go beyond 2! Max 3! If you know an account that is likely to retweet your content, go ahead and tag them. I feel Twitterverse is the best place to find new audience.

4. Reddit the Hero

You cannot possibly undermine the power of Reddit. Apart from increasing your blog views, it’s a great platform to engage with new people and find similar content. Post your blog links on Reddit apart from the above-mentioned places and see how much it helps.

5. Shorten your blog link

Honestly, it’s pretty annoying to see the entire URL of a blog post to appear on the feed. Besides, shortening your blog link, it also helps you save characters and allows you to write more. Try Bitly or Tinyurl to shorten your URLs. Bitly also helps you to know how many people clicked on your link, their location and other relevant details.

6. Social influencers

Know someone who writes or digs the content you produce? Ask them to share it on their social spaces. I am not asking you to nag every other friend to share your blog links but having 2-4 people who can do a free promotion is absolutely great. They work like social points and increase blog views considerably.

7. Comment on similar blogs

Apart from being visible to more people, this also helps you know more. It’s a win-win situation and doesn’t hurt anyone. Engaging with fellow bloggers works wonders! Who knows? You might find yourself a new friend. (Comment below if you write something similar. I’ll check your blog soon)

8. End your blog with a question

Don’t ask an existential question for God’s sake. However, begin a discussion. People who read blogs are often almost ready to get talkin’. Ask a question related to the post or anything you would like to know from your readers. This is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and goes a long long way. Don’t forget to reply to comments. Every comment is precious!

9. Is your title ‘meh’ or ‘yay’?

My advice to every blogger out there is – work on the title in the end. Once your blog post is ready to live, then think of a good title. Most of us end up going wrong here. Don’t try to be too creative with your title. You have the entire blog post to yourself to unleash your creativity. Keep your blog titles to the point, crisp, SEO-optimised and not too long. Your titles should not only attract viewers but also tell them what your blog is all about.

Did I miss something? Do you know another way to help a blog post reach a wider audience? Comment below and let’s get talkin’!

Hope this post helped!



Love doesn’t understand

love doesn’t understand time zones
so it’ll ask me to call you at an odd hour like 2 am
love doesn’t understand what it means
when you say ‘I’m busy’
so it’ll ask me to message you
9 times in a row
love doesn’t understand you’re
half the world away from me
so it’ll make me want to meet you
every now and then

and that’s all I want you to know
that love doesn’t understand
a thing darling,

so, I hope you do.


#OneWithoutTheWord challenge!

A few days ago, I started a challenge called the #OneWithoutTheWord challenge on Instagram. The entire idea was to connect with more writers on Instagram.

Screenshot (143).png

This was the first time I initiated a challenge and I was overwhelmed by the response. To be honest, most of the posts were fantastic. You should definitely check all the posts under the hashtag. But as promised, here are some of the best write ups posted under the challenge by some of our fellow Instagram writers.

Screenshot (139)



Screenshot (140)



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Don’t forget to check out their work on Instagram!

I am so glad I started this little challenge. It gave me a chance to interact with a lot of people on Instagram. If you want to submit a post for this challenge, you can send your submissions here too. Hope you guys enjoyed this one!

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Things You Can Do In Europe in 15 Days! – Part 2

Hoping you have read the Part 1 of the blog. In case you missed it, you can read it here.
Day 08:
We proceeded to Engelberg for Mt. Titlis! This was also my first experience with snow, so I was too damn excited.

The view while going to Mt. Titlis.

To reach Mt. Titlis, you have to take the Titlis Rotair – World’s 1st Revolving cable car ride! It was getting freezing cold and it was foggy.

Spot my mom!

On reaching Mt. Titlis, we first had ice cream from Movenpick!
At Mt. Titlis, walking was so difficult. Everyone was slipping and falling. It was funny. Snowy regions make you feel like you’re walking in ice cream. But, surprisingly, it didn’t feel that cold.
My brother took mom and I to the Ice Flyer ride which was damn good. I also remember mom asking me, “What if we fall down?” We die, mom. We die.
Post our time at Mt. Titlis, I grabbed a cup of hot noodles and then did the Ice caves. It was colder here than at Mt. Titlis.
When we got down, we had some hot tea. Then, went to see the Lion Monume, did some chocolate shopping and walked through the city. Lion Monume was apparently built for the loyal Swiss soldiers who lost their lives.
We did our dinner in the Lake Lucerne cruise and enjoyed Swiss folklore music. We also got the chance to play some instruments with the local people. They were really sweet.
This time was superb! We ate our dinner and then spent some time enjoying music. And, the view…
Day 09: We started our day by visiting Trummelbach Glacial Waterfalls. There was too much walking involved and it was TOO cold. I was walking alone. After a point of time, it got so cold that I actually wanted to get out of there.
Travel tip: It gets really cold near the waterfalls, so don’t forget to carry a jacket along.
After this, we had our train to Jungfrau – top of Europe! It was a cogwheel train from Lauterbrunnen to Europe’s highest railway station Jungfraujoch via Kleine Scheidegg station. It is located 3,454 metres above sea level.
The entire train experience was fun. It went through the mountains and then stopped for five minutes at few stations. So, we used to quickly get down to get some pictures and then rush back into the train.
After reaching Jungfraujoch, we were given a brief about the entire place. We had our time to explore it. My brother and I quickly went to the Sphin x Terrace through a lift. Mom decided to wait for us in the main hall. We also bought some Lindt chocolates.
It was colder than it was at Mt. Titlis. After that, we walked through the Ice Palace and had some tea.
They also gave us this little passport as a souvenir which is awesome! While we were heading back, they gave each one of us a small Lindt chocolate. Such things really make these experiences memorable. Even the man who came to check our tickets was friendly and thanked us.
We then spent some time in Interlaken. There is a statue of late Mr. Yash Chopra here!
Yash Chopra
Day 10: Before getting out of Switzerland, we went to Zurich lake too. Spent some time there, it was pleasant. I wish we could spend more time here. Nevermind.
Our next destination was Liechtenstein.
We had a drive through the city of Vaduz in a tram. Vaduz is the capital of the principality of Liechtenstein. The city is too small, the people are damn friendly. The audio in the tram was played in Hindi. After our tour got over, we thanked the crew with an applause. After exploring the city, we went to Swarovski Crystal World and Museum of Wattens, Austria.
Quickly went through the museum (as I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of museums) and spent some euros on jewellery too. They have a brilliant collection and you will want to buy something or the other.
In the evening, we went to Innsbruck, walked through Inns River, checked some cafes and saw the popular ‘Golden Roof’ and Maria Theresien Strasse. I didn’t like the Inns River so much. However, Innsbruck is pretty!
The day was pretty chilled and then we were back in the hotel. This hotel had old architecture so my mom had a tough time sleeping. But, in the morning it felt lovely.

The view from our hotel at night. No, we couldn’t see stars with our naked eyes. This was clicked by my Canon 7D.

Day 11: Today, we were going to Venice. We did the Vaporetto water bus ride to reach the Island. It took us about 20 minutes.


Bridge of Sigh.

Bridge of Sigh.

We also did the Gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Boy, I swear I was scared. It was also raining. The boat moved too much and was not even wide.
We even saw a demonstration in the Glass blowing factory, which was superb. Did a walk through the Bridge of Sighs, Doge’s Palace, Bell Tower, St. Mark’s Square, Basilica.
In the evening, we had some ice cream and went to Padova, Italy.
Venice Island was super crowded, and I honestly didn’t like it so much. Venice means a lot of pigeons too.
Day 12: The day started with us visiting the Ferrari Museum in Modena. We hardly spent an hour there.
Then, we proceeded to Florence. Florence is beautiful!
This is the Italy I imagined.
Here’s where we saw the Piazzale Michelangelo Point and Statue of David too.
We had our lunch in Florence. Here’s where we had the local pizza and pasta. Yum yum! In the evening, we proceeded to Pisa where of course we saw the Leaning Tower. It is called the Square of Miracles – Baptistery, Cathedral and Leaning tower of Pisa.
PisaLeaning tower of pisa
It was damn crowded here too, and people were busy doing the clichéd touristy things. After spending some time at the square, we walked through the market and had some coffee. There is a lot of shopping that you can do in Pisa. You get really good leather bags, hats, sunglasses and other souvenirs.  Looking at the pictures, you can make a guess about the weather. By the time, we left Pisa – it was raining heavily. End of the day, we moved to Arezzo for our night stay.
Day 13: We were going to Vatican!
This was kind of the last day of our tour so we were all pretty much tired. Some of us were happy that we were going back home, while some of us (including me) didn’t want the trip to end.
In the morning, we did the Colosseum, where we met our local guide. The guide was so good! He explained everything so well.
It was raining this time too. It was almost like the rain was following us!
In the evening, we visited Vatican city and saw the Vatican Museum, Michelangelo’s Frescoes, the Last Judgement, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s famous Pieta. We were stunned by his work.
Later, we went to see the Tiber river, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain, Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia.
Bought some ice cream near the Trevi Fountain and did some local shopping too.
Then, back to hotel…
Rome is built so beautifully. The architecture is so artistic! Your eyes refuse to blink. Unfortunately, we were in Rome just for a day. But, I am sure I want to go here once again.
Here’s a small quote I really like – Rome has not seen a modern building in more than half a century. It is a city frozen in time.” – Richard Meier
Day 14: En route India! 😦
So, that was it! Europe was a lot of things and this trip is definitely going to be a special one forever. I already miss it in spite of being there for just half a month. Until next time!
The thing about travel is the fact that you’re never completely same after it’s over. The more cities you see, the more places you go to, they become a part of you. You’re a summation of the places you see.
“But that’s the glory of foreign travel, as far as I am concerned. I don’t want to know what people are talking about. I can’t think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything. Suddenly you are five years old again. You can’t read anything, you have only the most rudimentary sense of how things work, you can’t even reliably cross a street without endangering your life. Your whole existence becomes a series of interesting guesses.” – Bill Bryson, Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe
Hope you all enjoyed the blog. If you think, there is something I could add, please comment. Been to Europe? Feel free to share your experience or travel tips!

The exchange.

There was something really strange about the evening he left. We started walking from his house, and it was late evening. The road was particularly empty with just a few cars parked here and there. We were walking towards the bus stand. I wouldn’t say we were in a rush. I remember walking slowly because I wanted more time with him. He was holding a book in his hand and had a rucksack on his back.
I wanted to let him know how upset I was about his departure. But, none of us wanted to initiate a conversation as such. It was breezy, and one could predict the possibility of a drizzle. It was getting darker, the hue of a darker blue. The few vehicles that passed created some lights on the road. My eyes were glued to the lights for some reason.

He looked at me a couple of times like he wanted to say something. But, he didn’t utter a word.

When we finally got closer to the bus stand, his hand touched my hand, gently like the breeze. He stopped and looked at me. “I think we have officially run out of words.” I let out a subtle laugh. “I think we still have a few words left,” he replied. “And what are these words?” I asked.
He held my hand and kissed my forehead. “I’ll let you decide.” We exchanged a poetry without uttering a single word.


Something You Should Know

Here’s something I always wanted you to know // You don’t need to necessarily feel perfect. You don’t have to be beautiful or unaffected.
You have to understand that there will be days when you will become a victim of your own thoughts. And then there will be nights when you just want to disconnect from everyone for a while. You don’t have to please everyone. You can’t and you shouldn’t.
It’s okay to feel guilty or upset. It’s okay to feel things because that’s what keeps you alive.
However, don’t fail to find happiness. Because, it is always around you.
Remember –
Stars will always be there in the sky. And flowers will continue to smell good. The sky will always be the biggest canvas we’ll ever know. And, the sea will always hear your story.
There is enough love in the world to keep you warm. There is enough light to show you the way. There is enough magic to make everything fine.
And finally – I want you to know that the world might be a gloomy place today. But, the sun will be out tomorrow – shining like it has never been low.
I want you to know that no matter where life takes you, you will always have a warrior along. A warrior who will never give up. A warrior – that’s you.