Something You Should Know

Here’s something I always wanted you to know // You don’t need to necessarily feel perfect. You don’t have to be beautiful or unaffected.
You have to understand that there will be days when you will become a victim of your own thoughts. And then there will be nights when you just want to disconnect from everyone for a while. You don’t have to please everyone. You can’t and you shouldn’t.
It’s okay to feel guilty or upset. It’s okay to feel things because that’s what keeps you alive.
However, don’t fail to find happiness. Because, it is always around you.
Remember –
Stars will always be there in the sky. And flowers will continue to smell good. The sky will always be the biggest canvas we’ll ever know. And, the sea will always hear your story.
There is enough love in the world to keep you warm. There is enough light to show you the way. There is enough magic to make everything fine.
And finally – I want you to know that the world might be a gloomy place today. But, the sun will be out tomorrow – shining like it has never been low.
I want you to know that no matter where life takes you, you will always have a warrior along. A warrior who will never give up. A warrior – that’s you.

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