For Gloomy Days

If you are having a bad day or if you just need a reason to smile, here are few lines that will make things easy.

1. Because you’re powerful.

I threw rocks on their standards of beauty
and smiled wide showing my uneven teeth
they told me I didn’t walk how I was supposed to
I still chose to dance on my bare feet

2. Because you deserve it.

you don’t deserve the lonely nights
or sleeping with fears
you don’t deserve the endless fight
or getting up with tears
you deserve the warmth
and the joy of unpredictable hugs
you deserve the flowers of spring
and all the possible goodness on earth

3. Because you can.

taste the rainbow
paint the sky
touch the clouds
believe me
you were born to fly.

4. Because egos can rest.
we sat next to the sea
with our egos kept aside
she gave me her secret
I gave her mine
in no time we realised
how lonely we have been
in no time we realised
we never lived it right
5. Because you need it.

you are blind to your own light
but trust me it’s enough to
show me the way home


Hope these lines made you feel better. Count on me when you need a friend, and don’t forget to say hi! Have a good day!

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