You Need This

Never apologize for being what you are. Never say sorry, when it’s not your mistake. Laugh. Laugh without worrying about how your face will look, because you look the most beautiful when you close your eyes and throw your head back. Don’t ask people to validate you. You’re a human. Don’t be scared to taste sorrow, it’s not bad, trust me. But, when you touch happiness, when you taste joy, promise me, you’ll enjoy every bite. Forgive people when they don’t understand you. Let them take their time. Don’t spend too much time on someone who wouldn’t spend an evening with you watching your favourite TV show. Let your secrets be with you, but once in a while, let them free. When you sing, don’t worry about the lyrics. Most of us don’t get them right. Spend on what you want. Grab all your favourite chocolate bars and spend a night enjoying your own company. Cry over things that made you feel bad, but never again, let that happen to you. Move ahead, don’t think of what has happened. Don’t tell someone to stay around. The ones who love you and will stick to you like glue. Dream a lot. Talk about what you want to do. But, don’t just talk. Work hard. Work hard and go grab your dreams. When you fall in love, never worry. Just fall, love. Love without thinking of a god damn thing. The most beautiful things happen, and you never realize. Love is exactly like that. Don’t wait for it to happen. It will happen, maybe, when you’ll totally give up on it. But, it will. I promise. Be happy, live the life you have. Let your worries take a back seat, while you enjoy the sunshine that kisses your cheek every morning, and I am sure one day, you’ll realize that life is not about happy endings, but whatever that happens before the end.



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