Travel Tips For Your First International Trip! 


International travel is exciting, and we are bound to make some mistakes here and there. While some mistakes could turn out to be quite memorable, some of them can ruin your entire trip. Hence, planning beforehand and being equipped for your journey is crucial. 

In case, you were planning on making a check-list, here’s one.

  • Get Travel Insurance

For everything that goes off, you know you’re covered. A travel insurance will cover cancellation fees, delayed/lost bags and medical expenses. So, you clearly don’t have an option of skipping this AT ALL!

  • Embrace The Culture

Travelling outside of your country is a massive change in culture; keep reminding yourself about it. A lot of people don’t accept the culture and miss out of the real essence of foreign travel.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Since it’s an international tour, most of your day will keep you going from one place to another. You might be eating at intervals but don’t forget to take sips of water. Being dehydrated on a trip could cause headaches, and I am sure nobody likes that.

  • Don’t Pack Too Much

You’re likely to feel over-ambitious about your trip but be careful about what you carry with you. Ask yourself, ‘Are you REALLY going to need this?’ Especially when you are going to a country that is likely to be cold, don’t overwhelm your luggage with unnecessary thing like a fancy shirt or a dress. Your coat is going to hide it anyway. 

  • Download a Translator App

You enter a local store and realise nobody speaks in English. It’s likely to happen. Make sure you download a translator app beforehand, so you don’t miss on important communication.

  • Keep Your Valuables with You. ALWAYS.

“It’ll just take two minutes for me to take this picture. I’ll just keep my bag here.” The next moment, you turn around, and your bag has GONE. It’s a typical scenario in tourist places. So, never, ever, keep your bag away from you; especially when you’re carrying valuables like your passport.

  • Spend Less Time On Your Phone

It is indeed tempting to Snapchat everything you do to your friends but avoid it. Click pictures but don’t keep your eyes on your phone all the time. You might miss out on imbibing your surrounding or might become a pocket picker’s next target.

  • Carry a Small Backpack

I made this mistake on my trip to Europe. I carried two bags throughout my whole trip, and it always left me with back aches. If you’re a camera person, make sure you carry a bag that can accommodate everything you need while you’re on your feet – camera, passport, water bottle, and currency.

  • Carry A Universal Phone Charger

We were lucky enough to be provided a universal phone charger by our tour advisors but what if we were not? Different countries have different sockets. A universal charger is your saviour!

  • No Jewellery

Bling is no good when you’re on the go. If you STILL like it, carry fake jewellery. 

  • Shop But Only Little

A local market may lure you to take a bag of souvenir home, but it’s only going to make it difficult for you later. A good idea is to buy more stuff towards the end of your trip, so you don’t have to carry it around everywhere.

  • Carry ID-proofs and their copies

Apart from your passport copies, keep a copy of your national ID handy.

  • Keep Cash in Different Places

Stuff some in your suitcase, some in your backpack, and some (very little) in your pocket.

  • Google If You Are Not Sure

Asking a local for directions is a pretty cool idea but don’t rely on it. You can never be sure of how sure they are.

  • Be Alert in Museums and Art Galleries

The most visited places are the ideal places for you to lose your valuables. Avoid keeping your phone in your back pocket and more careful about your passport. Passports are more likely to get stolen than cash.

  • Don’t Come Across As A First-timer

Avoid looking clueless and instead, come across as an experienced traveller. Looking like a first-time traveller will make you prone to being fooled.

  • Check Hotel Reviews

Hotel websites and photos are pretty darn cool, but hey, that’s the hotel authority talking on it. Instead, check for customer reviews (not on their website) to get an idea of how good or bad the place is. 

  • Keep Someone You Trust in Loop

If you’re travelling alone, it is ideal to keep someone from your friends or family updated about your whereabouts. Messaging them in the morning and night is not a big thing on the to-do-list and you can definitely do that.

  • Carry Extra Medicines and First-Aid

Even if you don’t have any health issues, it’s safe to carry some meds for headaches or stomach aches. If your doctor has prescribed a particular medicine to you, do not fail to carry extra meds along. It often becomes challenging to find a particular medicine in foreign stores. And, you don’t want to take that risk.

  • Add Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

My batteries got damaged on one of my trips, and it was the worst thing ever! You don’t want to go through that pain. Trust me. 

  • Dress According to The Day

See what your day looks like a night before and dress as per the occasion. There are certain rules in museums, temples, etc. that may hamper your travel plans. When you’re not sure, wear something that’s decent and doesn’t come across as showy. Also, check for the weather a night before.

  • Be Ready to Adjust

A glitch here and there is bound to happen despite the precautions, so be ready to adjust. Don’t expect too much and go with the flow. A foreign trip always turns out to be a memorable one. 

Do you have something to share too? Comment below and let me know. Happy holidays!

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