Creativity and What Ignites It

A lot of people ask me this question, “So, how do you create something that’s so unique? How do you write?” Well, it is difficult to give an answer that truly satisfies these questions. Probably because there is no fixed process that leads to creation. I draw inspiration from a range of things and creativity happens to be a result of them. I think it exists in all of us in varied quantities. It is how we harness it or how we amplify it that makes all the difference.

A few days ago, I wondered if it is the same for people who belong to the creative spectrum. So, out of sheer curiosity, I asked them their take on creativity and the place where they find the creative fuel. Here’s what they had to say –


Maybe, it just happens. (Sourced image)

(Only first names for privacy purposes)

  1. Lucy, College Graduate, Australia

“Creativity for me means expressing oneself in a variety of ways. For different people that may mean different things; for one person it might be photography, another it might be a dance; the list goes on. It means having an outlet to communicate your feelings, experiences or views and putting that out into the world and contributing to creativity around you. There isn’t a set thing that makes me want to create something, but ultimately whatever it is it has to speak to me. With that being said, I would say visual things make me want to create as I can tangibly see what is front of me and then use that to describe or portray feelings. I also find that experiences in life that impact me profoundly can also ignite the desire to create.”

I also find that experiences in life that impact me profoundly can also ignite the desire to create.

2. Aisha, Writer, Michigan

“Creativity means a sense of liveliness and childhood to me. I feel like adults, we lose creativity and become too constructed. I create things, such as poetry and art, when I want to feel alive again and do something different to keep life interesting day-to-day.”

3. Taniya, Student of English Literature, Delhi, India

“For me, creativity is a way of expressing things that I am incapable of, otherwise. It is like a window into one’s soul. I often land up in a position where I become incapable of conveying my innermost feelings. Feelings which might not be acceptable or are too crucial to be spoken of. Such thoughts, over a period of time, become a burden that is needed to be lifted off the shoulders. This is the safest way to do it, create something that helps you out your thoughts across.”

4. Alen, Student, Kerala, India

“It is like catching a cold during a trip. Destroys your trip until you are healed. Most of the times, I stumble into it. Unknowingly, just like catching a cold.”

5. Orenda, Writer and Communications Officer, Canada

“Creativity is the embodiment of who I am as a human being – my likes and dislikes, who I care about, my experiences and in turn, how I see the world. I think it only takes any kind of inspiration, whether it be from watching a movie or a random thought in my head, to make me want to create something. We live in such an expansive universe, it’d be almost a shame to not create something because of it.”

We live in such an expansive universe, it’d be almost a shame to not create something because of it.

6. Sneha, Writer, India

“Creativity for me means freedom. I’m not confined to a box, I have an entire universe to create with.”

7. Fauziya, Writer and Aspiring Vocalist, Mumbai, India

“Creativity to me is like the smoke that has escaped into thin air. You wouldn’t know where it came from and where it went to, but it did have its effect on you. That profound effect that shakes you to the marrow of your bones. I never set out in search of a poem. I just sit back and let it come to me. Like a patient spectator, I watch my poems unfold in a haze of trance. And that’s the thing about creativity, it gives me the patience I never can practice otherwise.

Like a patient spectator, I watch my poems unfold in a haze of trance. And that’s the thing about creativity, it gives me the patience I never can practice otherwise.

Creativity, it is like a loyal dog who wanders the world, prances in the wild, barks at the edges of the mountains and then comes to me at the end of the day with a bagful of magical stories.”

8. Karishma, Writer, Mumbai, India

“I wish I could define creativity for you, but that’s the beauty of it. It can’t be arranged into perfect words that can cover all the corners it stretches to or sources from. For me, it only takes curiosity, experiences, and endless questions to create something. Maybe creativity lies in the constant quest of figuring things out. And expressing that same curiosity which moves people to reflect or ponder upon. At its core, my best guess to creativity is that it lies in the effort to establish a connection, and to communicate that connection furthermore.”

9. Savira, Student, Indonesia

“For me, creativity means showing your true colours without being afraid of being different or without trying to be like others. What makes me want to create something is anything that makes me feel, anything that makes me emotional.”

10. Carolyn, Student, Monmouth, United States

“Creativity for me is the byproduct of my passion and drive.”

11. Parth, Graphic Designer, Mumbai, India

“Creativity to me is liberation. Liberation of your thoughts caged inside your body for so long. Negative and positive thoughts both. Creative things can’t be discriminated as right or wrong. They’re just to be looked through some perspective. Good art doesn’t need to be liked or disliked. It has to be felt. Good art speaks for itself. Fear makes me create. The fear of being unproductive. The fear of achieving nothing. The fear of not expressing. The fear of wasting life on nothingness.”

12. Shreya, Account Head in an Advertising Agency, Surat, India

“Creativity is not restricting your colour only to the palette. Not limiting to dictionaries, when you are short of wordplay. Not setting benchmarks to your endless imagination.
Not obeying rules of ‘what has been going on’ and’ this has to be done this way’ Not seeing outside the box, but building shapes inside it. Not reading between the lines, but living through it. Not being a perfectionist, but doing things your own way. Not being someone else, but leaving parts of you in everything you do. The major impetus for me, for creating something, is to leave an imprint. That lets people connect, believe and question the obvious.  I want to let them introspect, I want to let them wander, I want them to be lost and then find themselves again.  In a new light, in a better version, every day.”

Indeed, the definition varies for everyone. But, there’s one thing that is similar; all of us have creativity in us in some way or the other. It is only about the fuel that inspires us to create something the world has never seen before.

Find your fuel. Create something.

(I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this, even the ones who are not on the list! Unfortunately, because of the word limit, I could feature only 12 people!)

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