Dear Sarah and Phil 

Dear Sarah and Phil, 

A few years ago, I watched a video of a young girl giving a powerful TED talk. It happened to be my first encounter with spoken word poetry and also with you, Sarah. 

It was my brother who made me watch the Ted talk. Hesitant about it at first, I somehow sat patiently to watch you speak and lost the track of time altogether. I was in love with you, your voice and of course your words. I must have watched ‘If I should have a daughter’ a number of times since then. I don’t know if it is love, admiration or merely fandom but I’m sure learning about you was a beginning of self discovery. Your words stirred something inside me and I realised the need of poetry in my life all because of you.

Another summer, I watched ‘When Love Arrives’ and a wide grin found a place on my face. Amazed by the chemistry you two shared on the stage, I was curious to know more about Phil and Project Voice. Phil’s poetry ‘Repetition’ was on repeat for months. Ironically, it never lost its meaning. It went on to find a place in my playlist and replaced all my favorite songs when I was in college.

I have been awe of you two for a long time now. I draw inspiration from what you two do. On days, when my words refuse to slip out of my fingers, I read your words. Oftentimes, I forget that I have to write too because I get carried away by the sheer brilliance of your work. 

Sarah, your voice is a spring of water and I always find rainbows of hope in it. Phil, the way your words reach out to people suggest that they come from a very special place. You both together are nothing less than magic. 

I just want to thank you for giving poetry the life it deserves. Thank you for taking it out of paper and giving it to the world to see, to feel and to witness its soul. Thank you for being the wonder you are.

27th February, 2017 – The day when love arrived. 



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