​5 Practices That Will Help Your Writing

So, I get this a lot – How do you write so well? Though I often don’t have a structured answer to offer, I can’t say that I have no clue about how I improved my writing skills.
Honestly, it does take a lot of while and hence you have to be patient. It isn’t something that will make you go “VOILA! I DID IT.” Writing is never going to be a destination, it will always be something that you’ll keep getting better at.

So, in case you want to sharpen your writing skills or you want to probably just start writing, here are a few things you must do –

1. Up Your Grammar Game

You might or might not be a native English speaker. And, grammar has nothing to do with it. Until last year, I was pretty sure that my grammar skills were good. It was only after I took advanced grammar lessons that I realized I still had a long way to go. So, if you think your grammar is in a good state, I would suggest you to still brush up on it.

2. Write On Different Subjects 

Writing on various subjects could be difficult but trust me it really helps in the long run. If you love a certain subject, do not stick to it forever. Take a random subject and start writing on it. You don’t necessarily have to be acquainted with everything about it. Just write whatever you know, whatever you feel. Apart from that, writing based on different emotions is also a good exercise.

3. Study Writing Styles 

To do this, you should totally be random. Pick up literary classics, comics or contemporary fictions. Additionally, you could read articles on science, history or probably politics. This way you’ll learn about different writing techniques and that will help you to incorporate some of them in your writing. But, you gotta be an observer when you do this. Read like a writer.

4. Seek Feedback

A great way to know where you’re going wrong is to take feedback. Make someone read your words. I would suggest asking someone who is very straightforward with their feedback. Criticism definitely hurts. But, it helps you by great means to discard all your common writing errors.

5. Do Not Settle

You will always have a chance to improve your writing. So, if you are feeling too complacent right now, you’re not in a good position. Writing is something that needs a lot of time and it will probably never be perfect.

And, that’s okay! That’s how it works. Keep brushing up on your skills and I’m sure you will improve your writing skills soon.


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