Communicating on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been a great platform for me to communicate and connect with professionals. I’ve interacted with quite a few people to realize that it is all about communicating in the correct way.

I get a lot of messages here. Many times, I don’t understand how to reply because the message received serves no purpose.
It makes me wonder about the number of opportunities a professional can miss if they do not communicate well.

Hence, here are a few things you must keep in mind the next time you communicate on LinkedIn.

1. Introduce Yourself 

It has to be the most obvious thing to do. When you meet someone in a professional setting or even otherwise, the first thing you must do is introduce yourself. Sending a random Hi or What’s up isn’t going to get you started with a conversation. At least not on LinkedIn. And, even if it does, it shows a lack of professionalism.

2. The Purpose Of Your Message

After you are done introducing yourself, explain in brief the reason why you messaged the person in the first place. A lot of people get tons of messages in their inboxes but they might just avoid them. When you put your purpose in the message, it gives the receiver an idea of what exactly you are looking forward to.

3. Do Not Ask For Whatsapp Number (Unless Required!) 

If you’re looking for new individuals to just chat with, LinkedIn is clearly not the place. When you ask someone their number, especially when the conversation has just started, you might end up giving a wrong impression. And, honestly, I feel most of the work can be discussed on LinkedIn or could be shared on email. You should be sharing numbers only when it is absolutely essential.

4. No SMS language 

Grammar isn’t everyone’s game but typing normally isn’t that difficult. Is it? Do not message someone like you are sending them a text message limited by a definite number of characters. Writing ‘U’ instead of ‘YOU’, or ‘NYC’ instead of ‘Nice’ gives a bad impression. Moreover, it could become the sole reason why someone might not want to respond to you at all.

5. Be Courteous and Patient

Some people do not check their LinkedIn messages everyday. They could be just going through them once or twice a week. If you have sent a message and the person does not reply immediately, do not simply jump to a conclusion and ask them to respond ASAP. Be patient and wait for their reply. If they take a while (say a few days or weeks) politely ask them to acknowledge your message.
That’s about it! Let’s be a little more cautious while communicating in a professional space.
Hope these tips helped!


How To Get Noticed On Twitter 

To be honest, I have a love and hate relationship with Twitter for ages now. But, it indicates that I still keep going back to it. Twitter is a great place to find out what’s up with the world and also an ideal platform to make new connections.

There are more than 320 million people (last time I checked) on Twitter, so it shouldn’t be difficult to gain followers. Right? Unfortunately, it is.

One of the hardest things to do on Twitter is to get started. Some people struggle for ages to go beyond 100 followers while some make the jump in no time.

So, what is the first lot doing wrong? Well, if you want to gain more followers, you must get noticed. And, no I am not asking you to do publicity stunts for the sake of it. Just some simple social media knowledge can get you a handful of followers.
1. It all begins with your bio 

You might have a quirky handle (twitter username) but an empty or a poorly done bio can mess up the game. Tell people what you really do and keep immature stuff away if you want to show people you are on Twitter for real business.

2. Hashtags

You could be cringing when your friends use hashtags on social media but chances are they are doing it better than you. Using a hashtag in a tweet increases your chances of getting noticed. But, mind you, do not go overboard. Just one or two hashtags (relevant ones, obviously) are good.

3. Interact with like-minded users

Twitter is also about interacting with the right people and Twitter’s search tools make it way easier. Engage in a conversation that is about your interests or just see what people are talking about. It’s that simple.

4. Engage with brands

A lot of brands out there on Twitter look forward to connecting with the users. Mention a brand in your tweet. If you’re lucky, you might get a retweet. More views, more chances of new followers.

5. Follow the right tweeters

It’s like give and take for some. You follow them, they follow you back. But, wait, sometimes you get more than that. There have been times when I followed a new account and three similar users followed me back. Strange how Twitter works. But, let’s be grateful for it for now.

Well, that’s about it for now. Get tweeting and discover the world of Twitter. Good luck! 

Reach More People on Instagram!

Brand or no brand, you are definitely selling something online. Instagram is currently the most popular brand selling tool and has more than 400 million daily users. As messages are getting more visual, Instagram happens to be an ideal way of telling a story. Unfortunately, organic reach is becoming more difficult as paid content is slowly taking over the internet. But, there are still multiple ways to reach a wider audience without having to pay for a post.

Here’s how –

  1. Timing

Instagram is definitely not a place to be random. You need to understand the demographics of your audience, understand their most active period and stick to a timeframe. Usually, early mornings (when people leave for work), late evenings (when people are heading home) and late nights are ideal timeframes to post. Most Instagram users are super active during these periods since they are usually looking for ways to kill time. Experiment with a few posts to find what time suits you the best!

  1. Hashtags – Relevant and Irrelevant

Hashtags might not look appealing under a post but skipping them is a BIG mistake most people make. Here’s the thing – social media thrives on hashtags. They exist for you to reach more people who have similar interests. So, based on the kind of content you post, look for hashtags that people commonly use. It’s the best method to reach a global audience and to get more followers. Apart from using brand based hashtags, you can also opt for some hashtags that are the most used ones on IG right now. No harm in reaching more screens, right?

  1. Engage with your audience

Statistics reveal – posts with a question or a CTA automatically do better on Instagram. Moreover, it’s a good practice to engage in a conversation with your followers on a daily basis to keep them involved. Brands follow this method on a constant basis to find new followers and to keep the conversation going.

  1. Strike a Conversation with Similar Accounts

Using the ‘Explore’ option or with the help of your most used hashtags, look for people who share similar content. This practice works well if you want to get more people to visit your profile or to just discover new people. A conversation goes a long way in growing your audience and is one of the most used practices on Instagram. However, don’t come across as a bot and make sure you customise your messages for every account. You don’t want to look like a stalker, do you?

  1. Be Consistent

If there’s one thing that can do wonders for your Instagram account, it’s consistency. The more active you are on Instagram, the more people see you. If you post at night, stick to it. Don’t go off-track and confuse your audience about who you are. Consistency designs your Instagram personality and that’s something you must seek.

  1. Be Careful With Your Content

It doesn’t take more than 4 seconds for a person to decide if an account must be followed. So, what makes them click the button? Your feed. Before you post on Instagram, think of how it will look on your feed. Random pictures are a BIG put off, to be honest. Thanks to Instagram stories, you can now share your life updates with your followers and that saves your feed from looking random. So, all your breakfast and office pictures can take a back seat and you can save them for your stories. IG places a high value on accounts that have a carefully planned feed. So, make sure you hit the bull’s eye.

  1. Don’t Skip The Bio

You might want to look ‘carefree’ by not adding a bio but if you’re doing that – you’re making a mistake. A bio only adds value to your profile and is a must for everyone who wants to reach more audience. Write something that truly tells your audience about who you are. There is no need of adding your birth date because nobody cares. But, make sure you tell them what you do. A simple, honest one-liner works well.

Here are some interesting stats about Instagram that might help you plan your content well.

  • Posts with a location receive 79% more engagement
  • Posts that include another handle gain 56% more engagement
  • Top five hashtags – #love, #me, #instagood, #follow, #cute
  • Posts with a question increases engagement
  • On Instagram, images featuring blue as the dominant colour generate 24% more Likes than images that are predominantly red.
  • On Instagram, images with a high amount of negative space generate 29% more Likes than those with minimal negative space.

Stat source –

Of course, these tricks make sense ONLY if your account is public. Hope they help you reach more people. Comment below and let me know what you think. Happy Instagramming!